Something Looks Different

by Mohit Arora on December 13, 2008

You probably notice the site looks different right now.

Unfortunately, I had some issues when upgrading to WordPress 2.7 and it somehow broke my theme. I’ve since reverted back to WordPress 2.6.2, however my theme was still having issues so I’ve just placed a temporary theme here in the meantime.

Also, I’d like to mention that since my previous post regarding my situation with HostGator, things have been much better and they have been quite generous to resolve this dispute.

Even as I encountered this issue with my WordPress install tonight, Zach K, from HostGator’s Online Support Team was very helpful and helped me get everything back up and running swiftly.

I’m making a note to point this out because not only is good service vital but even during a dispute, where my very latest post was a heavy criticism towards HostGator, they still helped me without prejudice.

That’s an admirable quality which I only wish other business people, especially some of us in the music business *ahem*, would practice more often.

So thanks again to Doug & Zach from HostGator for all their help; it’s really appreciated.

I’m hoping to have the new layout finished in time for the new year so in the meantime, please don’t mind the temporary look and disorientation of All the content is still here and it’s still presented in a clean & easy to read format. It’s mainly only the sidebar stuff and maybe a few other minor kinks that will look a little off for a short period of time.

{ 1 comment } - Douglas December 13, 2008 at 1:37 PM

I’m glad to hear that Zach was able to help you out. :) WordPress 2.7 is pretty nice, though, isn’t it?

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