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Hit Music Producers Sound Off



As Producers Week comes to a close, I wanted to present you guys with something big.

I gathered some popular questions that many aspiring producers have, and sent them to a group of producers: some who are currently on their way up & others whose work you’re all very familiar with.

If you’ve ever wondered how producers’ answers differed when asked the same questions; now you’ll know.

These producers have too many hits to list, so for more information on each, I’ve included a link to each of their websites below each of their names.


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Kanye Killed It At The Grammys

Kanye West 2008 Grammy Performance

Kanye West might not have had one of The Beatles present him an award last night at the Grammys, but his performance was definitely the top point of the night.

Kanye brought out who we’re supposed to assume was Daft Punk (apparently one of them was actually Just Blaze) during his performance of “Stronger” and then ended it with a great performance of “Hey Mama”. Due to personal circumstances, the second song really stood out to me.

On a side note, I know I shouldn’t be hatin on a Canadian trying to do their thing, but Feist‘s performance nearly put me to sleep. I’m not saying anything about the song itself – I’m just saying, her performance couldn’t have been any duller than it was. Just doesn’t seem like a “Grammy performance” type of song.

EDIT: They removed the broadcast video from YouTube so click here for another video of the performance from Kanye’s site.