Second Post

I just read my first post and realized I probably should’ve given a brief introduction on myself.

I’m really not in the mood to write some long-winded bio so I’m gonna break it down in short sentences; an idea I stole from some random website I saw a while ago and liked. It’s faster for me to write, and it’s not as boring for you to read.

Here goes:

I work in the music business.

Yes, it’s full-time and not an after-“regular job” hobby.

Depending on the situation, when people ask what I do, I won’t mention music, entertainment or anything interesting about my life – I’ll just say “marketing”.

This way I’m not always harassed for free CDs and concert tickets, being asked what famous people I’ve met, and being hounded to sign everybody’s best friend’s group.

The truth is that I wear many hats and do multiple jobs, but saying “marketing” is a good blanket statement that people tend to accept and understand.

I don’t rap.

I don’t sing.

I don’t make beats.

I’ve tried all three.

I suck at all three.

I work a lot.

I like working.

It makes me happy.

I’m nocturnal.

I’m most alert when I know the world is asleep.

I usually get to bed around 4 or 5am.

It’s 7am as I write this.

I didn’t get to sleep this time.

I don’t sleep much.

I’m not a morning person.

I never mastered the art of eating breakfast.

I should try to make breakfast a routine.

I’m listening to Bilal right now.

I can be serious and I can be goofy.

I can be busy and I can be idle.

I can be intelligent and I can be ignorant.

I can be focused and I can be restless.

I can be confident and I can be humble.

I can be energetic and I can be lazy.

I can be a gentleman and I can be an ass.

I can be simple and I can be complex.

I can be right and I can be wrong.

I can see my alarm is going off and I can stop writing this now.