Taking Over Your Spot

Yesterday was a long day for me – well, longer than usual. Amongst all the running around and flood of phone calls I had to deal with throughout the day, I met with an artist and his team in the afternoon to talk about the plans for his upcoming record.

The artist himself has had pretty good success in the past with his previous albums; medium-to-heavy rotation on radio and music tv, national and international tours… all that. I’d been a fan for a while and knew a few things about the behind-the-scenes of his previous records, but this was the first time I actually sat down to work directly with him.

As an independent artist with his track record, I assumed his team was already established and had their stuff together. Turns out, a couple members of the camp are getting dropped because they’re not holding their own (reason why they’re calling me).

I can’t lie, I was actually happy to hear that people on his team weren’t taking care of business. Not because I don’t like the artist – I told you, I’m a fan of his – I was happy to hear it because it gives me the opportunity to really showcase how on-point and professional my work is. They’ll appreciate it more. Their expectations aren’t as high anymore because of bad experiences. When they don’t expect much and you go above-and-beyond to deliver the world in their hands, you not only created a strong rep with them; you now created a salesperson who’s going to spread the good word around and strengthen your overall reputation.

Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. It can bring you to the top or toss you to the bottom.

Keep this in mind, because like some of the guys in this artist’s camp – the second you slip up, I’m taking over your spot!

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