Aspiring Producers Showcased on PMP Mixtape

It’s not easy maintaining a blog when you’re really out there bustin your behind to live up to the title of it.

I think I’ve already written about 5 or so half-posts on my blackberry while out there doing my bids; it’s just a matter of finding the time to post. I should be getting a little bit of downtime this coming weekend, so I’ll sit down at my PC and prepare some stuff for you.

In the meantime, I have something to keep you entertained. If you remember, a few weeks ago, I interviewed Conrad Dimanche from Bad Boy. While we didn’t go into it, he mentioned during the last portion of our interview. is a marketplace for artist and producers to network and get access to other artists and producers looking to collaborate. It also serves as a great resource for producers looking to place music on the records of major label artists.

To further help aspiring producers, has teamed up with DJ Furious Styles (host of SHINE For The Unsigned on XM Satellite Radio) to release, “The Official PMP Mixtape”, a showcase for upcoming producers with commentary from acclaimed musicians Hi-Tek, Vinny Idol, Red Spyda and 88 Keys.

This mixtape is a great marketing tool, in that it showcases the music of upcoming producers to a larger audience, while also spotlighting PMP and DJ Furious Styles, as advocates of unsigned talent.

Check out the mixtape in the player below and let me know what you think; about the music and about the concept.

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1 thought on “Aspiring Producers Showcased on PMP Mixtape

  1. keeping it real

    real talk, there are too many shitty producers in the “feature producer” section…. Ive heard some of the shittest wanna be southern tracks from a garbage producer named “Jmack” how in the hell did he get featured??? fucking trash……..

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