My PC's Tantrum

Here I was last night, just doing some work and listening to some new tracks from an artist I might start working with. I noticed my Outlook was closed, so I drag my mouse over the little icon to open it up and as it begins to load up, it tells me there’s an error and can’t open.

I even get the little Windows Alert: “Send Error Report”?

Sure, why not.

I persist to open Outlook, so I click on it again and this time as it begins to load, it freezes.

My computer is a little retarded so it freezes from time to time but usually doesn’t last too long so I didn’t sweat it – just waited for it to pass.

10 seconds pass. Nothing.

30 seconds pass. Nothing.

1 minute passes. Still nothing!

I decide to move the mouse in a circle because somehow we all believe that will fix nearly any computer problem.

Now, not only is my computer frozen but I see a trail of frozen images of my cursor on the screen and not even my mouse is working.

I leave it alone and decide I’m going to just say screw it and restart my computer. Before I can even press the button, the tower starts beeping like a police siren. I honestly thought the tower was going to blow up in my face. The ringing is piercing my ears. I just turned the tower off.

The computer begins to restart and I’m hoping it’s going to behave now.

Blank screen.

It didn’t even load windows.

I left it alone for a while and came back an hour later, around 4am. Turned it on…

Blank screen.

It hasn’t turned on since then.

I’m taking it for repair now but anybody who’s ever experienced anything like this knows just how frustrating it is and how much time you’re losing to do work.

I have a great interview I was supposed to post today for everybody who’s into music production and engineering. I’m hoping to get my hard drive back with all my files intact so I can post it for you guys tonight.

Lesson learned: No matter how good a deal, never buy a computer from eBay.

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3 thoughts on “My PC's Tantrum

  1. bmore diva

    “My computer is a little retarded” lolz!! i know what u mean. ive had the same problem soooo many times! good luck with ure pc. i hope it gets fixed. i can’t wait to read that interview

  2. Upper Echelon

    I know your pain, it sucks & is scary as hell… I usually turn off the power switch at the back, unplug the PC for a minute, then turn both power switches back on..try that next time

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