Pop Bottles…..1 Month Celebration!

1 Month Mark of makingthemogul.com

Today marks 1 month since I launched makingthemogul.com!

I originally planned to just put the blog up and start writing whenever I felt like it and build up a catalog of content. I figured, this way I can take my time to get familiar with the whole blog world but also so I can get used to placing it in my regular schedule.

Plans kind of changed.

Word got out and MakingTheMogul pretty much started building on its own. I’m shocked when I look at my stats and see how many unique visitors I’m getting. I mean – it’s not crazy chart-topping numbers, but it’s not what I expected until maybe October or November of this year. It’s already buzzing and it’s only been 1 month!

Thanks to everybody for all the comments and emails I’ve been getting. Also, big shout outs to some of the other bloggers I’ve connected with; Southern Style DJs, Necole Bitchie, Soul Pitch Hustle, Sickamore, Digiwaxx and The Corporate Takeover.

I don’t want to treat my site like MySpace and just add 500 links that don’t make sense, but if you have a blog about music, entertainment, fashion, technology, marketing, business, or you’re just fly enough to talk about whatever you want to and still make it interesting (and it makes sense for me to link you), then hit me up in the comment section below and let’s connect!

8 thoughts on “Pop Bottles…..1 Month Celebration!

  1. bmore diva

    congrats!!! this is one of my fav sites. imagine how big it’s going to be after 1 year!!!

  2. Necole Bitchie

    Let’s get it. But nah for real, I love this site and what you are doing. Thanks for the shouts. Check out theurbanblogger.com when you get a chance. Trying to get us bloggers to stick together

  3. primadolla

    This website is my homepage when I go online real talk. I just went to the site mentioned by the poster above me and it looks good check it out

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