What Does A Rapper Look Like?

Asher Roth

Imagine you’re back in grade school, and your teacher asks you to draw a picture of a cat. What would you draw?

You’d probably draw a round head, two triangle ears, a small rounded nose with whiskers, an ovalish body, four legs with little paws and a long tail.

That’s a cat.

But what if your teacher asked you to draw a picture of a rapper? Not a particular rapper, but just… “a rapper”.

What would you draw?

Some people might draw a guy with baggy jeans hanging below his ass, unlaced Timbalands on his feet, an oversized jersey, a couple chains hanging from his neck down to his belt, and a fitted Yankees cap tucked so low that you can’t see his eyes.

But is that what “a rapper” looks like?

If so, Asher Roth never got the memo.

Asher RothThe skinny, white boy from Pennsylvania (now based in Atlanta) looks and acts more like a college frat boy than a rapper. Yet, hip-hop mogul Steve Rifkind is banking on him.

In fact, Steve Rifkind not only signed him to SRC Records, he also calls Asher Roth“the best lyricst he’s heard in the past 10 years”.

This coming from the man behind Akon, David Banner, Big Pun, Wu-Tang and countless other hip-hop icons.

That’s a BIG look.

He was discovered on MySpace by upcoming music mogul, Scooter Braun, who was the one who brought him to the attention of Steve Rifkind. The two entered into a joint venture and signed Asher. (I’m definitely going to have a feature on Scooter on the blog. He still considers himself an “upcomer” but believe me.. he’s been making major moves since before he was able to legally buy beer).

I met Asher Roth a few months back, and while he’s co-signed by some of the biggest names in hip-hop today, it was a welcomed surprise to see that it hasn’t gone to his head – he’s still very humble and very approachable.

But rather than having me spend an hour telling you just how talented dude is, check out his website TheDailyKUSH.com and peep the music as well as the videos – you might notice a few surprise celebrity appearances (check the video below to see Akon’s reaction when Scooter makes him hear Asher Roth for the first time).

For those of you who are still curious about what a rapper looks like; listen to this song:

Asher Roth – The Lounge

Also, make sure to peep Asher Roth’s upcoming mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect, with DJ Drama & Don Cannon, available for free download on June 13th by signing up at http://www.thedailykush.com.

I recently started working with Scooter and the entire Asher Roth team, so you’ll definitely be seeing some updates about him on the site. Rather than always staying curious about who I work with and what I do; I figure, this will be a good way to show you the progress of a project and share this experience with you.

If you’re interested in joining the team and being a part of this project, please leave a comment below or email me at makingthemogul@gmail.com and make sure to put “Asher Roth” in the subject field.

Site: http://www.thedailykush.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/asherrothmusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asher-Roth/10884537233
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thedailykush

13 thoughts on “What Does A Rapper Look Like?

  1. henry

    I’ll fly out to atlanta to chill with ya’ll and be like turtle off the Encourage

  2. gsi

    west chester native right here..

    asher roth is the truth, be sure to download his mixtape on friday 13th on thedailykush.com – his lyrics have been nice for quite some time now

  3. veena

    Henry I think you mean to say Turtle from Entourage. But yeah, I love this song. It’s so good to see a rapper who doesn’t have to conform to the stereotype *cough* Papoose *cough*. Best of luck to Asher Roth and to you for working with him. I’ll be proud to say I knew about this before it became a major success!

  4. Charles Hamilton

    I love the song. People make so many judgements on what a rapper looks like, we need to remind them sometimes that that’s just the stereotype. I like this guy; his music is real and his lyrics are on point. I think the way you started the post was perfect by comparing the visualization of a rapper to the visualization of a cat. It makes people stop and think that they can’t make that assumption and feed into the stereotype. Much success to you all.

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