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Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Mack Maine "Got Money"

The latest single from Lil Wayne‘s infamous, The Carter 3, just dropped. The track is called “Got Money” and features T-Pain and my bwoy Mack Maine. 

Everybody already knows who Lil Wayne & T-Pain are, but let me give you a quick rundown on the homie Mack Maine:

  • From New Orlean’s Hollygrove district
  • Been a member of Young Money since its inception
  • Can be seen at Lil Wayne concerts everywhere providing on-stage backup
  • Featured on numerous Lil Wayne & Young Money mixtapes
  • Has 2 mixtapes out with DJ Smallz (G-Series 101 w/ Currency & B*tch I’m Mack Maine)
  • Featured on “Shovelin Snow” from Birdman‘s “Fast Money” album

I’m happy to see Maine get more spotlight like he’s sure to get from this video. I mean.. a video with Lil Wayne & T-Pain? With the amount of attention and airplay both these artists get, you couldn’t possibly ask for a better outlet to the mainstream audience.

Lil Wayne. T-Pain. Mack Maine.

Hey… all three of their names rhyme. It’s kinda fun to say. Try it out.

Lil Wayne. T-Pain. Mack Maine.

Lil Wayne. T-Pain. Mack Maine.

Lil Wayne. T-Pain. Mack Maine.

Okay, anyways, here’s the video:

Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Mack Maine – “Got Money” 


I’m still kinda mad that we lost to a corny landing page, but regardless, will offer a full user experience once launched and in the meantime, you can check out Mack Maine at

Catching Up: I'm Finally On YouTube &!

So now that I stepped my game up and actually own a computer that doesn’t freeze every time I play media files, I’ve decided to stay fresh with my social networks and have added my YouTube and accounts to my Network Badges on the right side of this page.

Moe Arora | joins & YouTube

Make sure to add me on both these networks at the links on the left of the page or by clicking these links:



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If you’re an aspiring professional; I highly suggest you get your social networking on by learning about and joining all the above networks as well as others.

Word of Mouse is a powerful force!

AC – Mac Track & Attack Of The Blogs

I don’t know if it’s because of my newfound love for Macs, but I found this video pretty dope.

AC‘s being making noise for a couple years and now he’s decided to go a new route with his latest mixtape, “Attack Of The Blogs”.

AC released 20 different songs to 20 different blogs which pulled together as a scavenger hunt style contest. The mixtape came out about a month ago, but I just saw the video about 10 minutes ago and thought I’d give AC and his team props for their creativity; not only for the song and video, but also for their approach. They’re thinking of new ways of marketing and having fun with it.

Anyways, I usually don’t do spur of the moment blog posts (I’m going to try to do them more often though), but here is a link to download AC’s new mixtape, “Attack Of The Blogs”.

AC - Attack Of The Blogs Mixtape 

And here is the video that made me post this:

(Props to the director, Steven Tapia, for his creativity on this one)

Asher Roth – A Milli (By Popular Demand)

Asher Roth

I know you’re thinking, “Another one?! Seriously?!”, but this is the first time I’m posting anything about “A Milli”, so I’m allowed to get away with it.

Probably the most rapped on beat in hip-hop history (if you can think of another, let me know), “A Milli”, has been done by every rapper, singer and any other kind of vocalist there is. Yet, there’s still more coming out.

At this point, if you’re going to do a remix to “A Milli”, it better be worth it.

Well, there’s one more. And yes… it’s worth it.

After being bombarded on his MySpace page by fans requesting a verse, Asher Roth delivers the goods on the notorious beat by Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford.

Oh, and by the way – turns out Chamillionaire just did his own “A Milli” remix as well; in which he mentions Asher Roth around 2:50 into the song.

Check out both of the tracks below, and also make sure to add Asher Roth on Twitter

Asher Roth – A Milli (By Popular Demand)

Chamillionaire – Chamilli

Asher Roth - A Milli 

New Music: Sarah MK, David Sides, Naturally 7 & Dondria aka Phatfffat

This isn’t a “new music” blog, but I’m in the mood to share some new music with you so figured I’d do that today since it’s Monday and nobody feels like fully waking up on Mondays.

Sarah MK – Good Life (Remix)

Check out the new track from upcoming singer/songwriter, Sarah MK. Let me know what you think of this song in the comments section. 

David Sides – Love In This Club (Piano Cover)

Check out his other covers. Talented dude, no lie. 

Naturally 7 – Wall Of Sound

I wanted to show you another segment of their performance, but couldn’t find the video anywhere.

I finally got a chance to see these guys perform live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and believe me; they are INSANE! This video, or any other video really does not do them justice. If you’re not already familiar with their name, I’m sure you’ve seen their YouTube video that was spreading like wildfire last year all over sites like Facebook.

Don’t call them beatboxers though; these guys take it to a whole different level.

Dondria a.k.a Phatfffat – Promise (Ciara Cover)

I know this video is old, but it’s still hot! I thought homegirl was lip synching for a minute. Forward to 1:00 in, if you want to skip the talking and get straight to her singing.


Marketing Gone Wrong – Don't Go The Ignorant Racist Route

I was sent this video that I want to share with you guys.

When you set out to create a viral video using controversial content, you have to be careful with how controversial your content is and how you approach it. You might want to push a few buttons, but don’t blatantly offend people; especially not with racist content.

The guy in this video has a company that produces “controversial” video skits for the web and mobile devices. Funny thing is, in the Press section of his website, he has a cartoon depicting a suited exec-type asking him how to get bloggers to talk about their company, and his reply being “Easy. Create something that doesn’t suck so bad it doesn’t make people want to kill themselves.”

Well buddy, you definitely kept to your word with this video. I don’t think anybody wants to kill themselves after watching this video – but they probably want to kill you.

“But Moe.. controversy sells, plus he got you talking about him, and that’s the whole point of controversial marketing isn’t it?”.

Yeah, controversy sells; for sure. Some people make a career of it including Howard Stern, Wendy Williams and even that other one there.. what’s her name… Ann Coulter.

These people know that by sparking controversy, they will generate a reaction from a mass audience. And when you have the attention of a mass audience – any mass audience – there will be companies kicking down your door to give you money; usually for access to that audience in the form of advertising (gossip, tabloids, etc).

These shock jocks and controversial personalities generally have some sort of plan before they open their mouths. (Well, maybe not Ann Coulter.)

I don’t know about this guy though; he doesn’t seem to quite “get it”. I watched some of his other videos and his “controversial content” is not really what I’d call controversial; it’s more sarcastic criticism than anything else. Seems like he stepped out of his element on this video and wanted to try something that would “take it to the next level”, but unfortunately failed miserably.

Apparently, there are petitions circulating calling on Verizon Wireless to terminate their relationship with this guy and his company.

Seems like he might’ve just Don Imus’ed/Kramer’ed his reputation and career.

Oh yeah.. the Verizon thing? Turns out he recently struck a deal with Verizon Wireless to distribute his “controversial videos” through their VCast & Fios services.

Seems like just yesterday that Verizon cut their ties with Akon for controversy surrounding one of his performances. Let’s see how/if they handle this.

Here’s the video. Let me know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: Turns out this video/issue is bigger than I thought. The video is actually almost a year old and stirred up quite a controversy when it was first released, but stayed within the tech circles. It’s only recently gained wind due to the contract he signed with Verizon.