New Music: Sarah MK, David Sides, Naturally 7 & Dondria aka Phatfffat

This isn’t a “new music” blog, but I’m in the mood to share some new music with you so figured I’d do that today since it’s Monday and nobody feels like fully waking up on Mondays.

Sarah MK – Good Life (Remix)

Check out the new track from upcoming singer/songwriter, Sarah MK. Let me know what you think of this song in the comments section. 

David Sides – Love In This Club (Piano Cover)

Check out his other covers. Talented dude, no lie. 

Naturally 7 – Wall Of Sound

I wanted to show you another segment of their performance, but couldn’t find the video anywhere.

I finally got a chance to see these guys perform live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and believe me; they are INSANE! This video, or any other video really does not do them justice. If you’re not already familiar with their name, I’m sure you’ve seen their YouTube video that was spreading like wildfire last year all over sites like Facebook.

Don’t call them beatboxers though; these guys take it to a whole different level.

Dondria a.k.a Phatfffat – Promise (Ciara Cover)

I know this video is old, but it’s still hot! I thought homegirl was lip synching for a minute. Forward to 1:00 in, if you want to skip the talking and get straight to her singing.


2 thoughts on “New Music: Sarah MK, David Sides, Naturally 7 & Dondria aka Phatfffat

  1. bmore diva

    the sarah mk song is nice. her lyrics are positive and her voice is on point. i’m guessing you have something to do with it since i see your logo hidden in the corner of the video lol

    the david sides video is so good. i love hearing popular songs redone like that. i watched his other videos and love his rendition of you remind me.

    i never heard of naturally 7 but they are mind blowing. i would love to see more of them. i see big things coming for them.

    i’ve been watching phatfat for over a year now. she has a great voice, fun personality and is very beautiful. i don’t like the first song she just put out on itunes but i think she’ll do good.

  2. Upscale Swagger

    I wonder how Dondria is doing on that single. I think Jermaine was extremely wrong on the promotion. It looks like he was just relying on her hits on Youtube and making new videos as a way for her to sell more records. Last time I check she didn’t even make top 10 in iTunes.

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