Day 6 Without My Mac

Today is Day 6 without my MacBook Pro.

And it hurts!

For the past 6 days, I’ve MacGuyver’ed my way around this major inconvenience by juggling between my Blackberry, internet cafés and others’ computers.

I also got my old temperamental PC working a little again. It feels like going back to an ex with shame and admitting that your new situation didn’t work out as well as you hoped.

But at least there’s some good news. The Apple Store just called saying they’ve received the parts needed to repair the centerpiece of my connected life.

Hopefully, I can get it back by the weekend – although I highly doubt it.

I’m off to drop it off at the Apple Store now. I think it’s time I finally go ahead and buy an external hard drive to keep my system backed up at all times and prevent losing ALL my files again.

Yeah.. it’s that bad.

MacBook Pro Going In For Repairs

7 thoughts on “Day 6 Without My Mac

  1. Black Girl

    OMG…I would have probably rolled over and died by now. MAC’s are the greatest gift to man (aside from Black Women of course) :-) Hope you get it soon, I know your Mojo is all thrown off.

  2. Moe Arora |

    @autumn – I was without it for 11 days in total. Definitely a tough time! lol

    @William H – lol. Yeah man. Thankfully, it’s back home now.

    @All the way – Thanks for staying in the loop with the site. Feel free to browse around the archives of my blog and make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.

    @Bombchell – Definitely look into an external hard drive! I’m so thankful I finally got mine now. I’m actually thinking of posting about it tomorrow. It’s such an unfortunate and unnecessary situation to be in when all your files are gone. There’s some great deals on external drives now; definitely look into it.

    @Black Girl – Lol! Yeah, I was completely thrown off without it. I had to find my way around internet cafes and even short stints with my old PC (whenever it decided to actually turn on). Thankfully it’s back!

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