Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

The other day, Asher Roth, his manager Scooter Braun, and I were discussing some business, and took a minute to just chat.  During our convo, Asher was telling me that he’s constantly asked questions about his buzz and the amount of exposure he’s been getting.

He always responds, “you’re only as good as your team”.

I couldn’t agree more.

It got me thinking I should do a quick post to address the most common misunderstanding about my involvement with Asher’s career.

For the record, I’m not his manager, nor am I the only person pushing him.

Yes, I am working with them on marketing Asher and making sure everybody knows about him, but I am part of a team.

I do what I do, but I’m not a solo act.

I see why it would be easy for people to get confused though. My blog revolves around my career in the music business, I talk about Asher often (here and on Twitter), and I’m servicing many blogs with Asher Roth content – so why wouldn’t somebody jump to that conclusion?

Plus, for years, we have been exposed to so much spotlight-hogging and “one man army” crap in the media, that whenever we keep seeing the same person attached to or speaking about an artist, people automatically assume that person does everything themselves.

Actually, before I get carried away on that tip, I’ll stop and save it for another post.

When we dropped Asher’s “The Greenhouse Effect” with Don Cannon and DJ Drama, the net blew up and everybody’s been talking about him ever since. That’s something we all know and have witnessed firsthand.

Asher Roth & Scooter Braun

That project isn’t something that took an entire major label staff to execute. As a matter of fact, it was just a few of us working independently – without label support.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything away from SRC (Asher’s recording home). In fact, their crew is one of the few in this business that actually understands how to properly support their artists – but this was all done before the label even had to get involved in Asher’s project – while they were focusing on other acts.

It’s called pre-release/buzz marketing.

Pre-release/buzz marketing is about building up enough attention and enough of a fanbase for an artist BEFORE the label begins pushing them in anticipation for the album release.

This way, when the label looks at their upcoming release schedule, they can see which one of their signed artists has more buzz and then they can decide how to allocate their resources.

More buzz before the album = more label support for the album = more chance of having a successful album.

Asher’s album is slated for an early 2009 release, yet he’s amongst the label’s top priorities and everywhere you look on the net, you see the name “Asher Roth”.

But don’t get it twisted. Even the strongest team can’t push something that nobody believes in.

We just put the word out, but it’s the fans and bloggers who believe in Asher that make this movement.

An audience that believes in you, is one of the most valuable assets you can ever attain. Scratch that, an audience that believes in you IS THE MOST VALUABLE asset you can ever attain.

Everybody who downloaded The Greenhouse Effect, everybody who keeps Asher Roth in rotation on their iPods, everybody who talks about him on Facebook, MySpaceTwitter, everybody who blogs about him or mentions him to their friends – you are part of this team. So shout out to you.

Also, shout out to Dana & Kathryn at Biz3, who are handling Asher’s publicity and doing a great job at it. They’re working with other artists like The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, A-Trak and Chromeo; so they definitely know what they’re doing!

And of course, Asher’s manager/label head, Scooter Braun.

I’m actually planning on featuring Scooter on the site real soon, so I’ll save some of the background info for then, but just know that he’s the man with the plan, when it comes to Asher’s career.

Speaking of that, Scooter recently acquired another incredible talent that I’d like to introduce you to: Justin Bieber.

For a while now, I’ve been paying attention to this young cat on his YouTube channel. He’s from Canada, so I have a sense of pride seeing his fanbase continue to grow.

Justin’s become the most subscribed Canadian musician on YouTube, and one of the most subscribed musicians on YouTube worldwide, with about 50,000 subscribers and 21.5 million video views.

Let me repeat that: 21.5 MILLION video views!

Once you check out his videos, you’ll understand why he’s so popular. Oh and by the way… he’s only 13 years old!

I’d been following him for a while, so when Scooter told me he signed him; it just seemed incredibly coincidental to me.

Just the other day, he played me a rough mix of some of Justin’s new songs and to say I was amazed would be an understatement. The songs are great and Justin’s voice is just incredible.

Remember where you heard it from first; Justin Bieber is going to be MAJOR!

I just realized how long this post has gotten so let me leave it here.

The buzz for Asher has been incredible, but you have to give credit where credit is due, so I just wanted to drop a quick post to respond to the confusion and acknowledge the others involved.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all the support of Asher Roth, and remember to pay attention to Justin Bieber.

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Asher Roth, Scooter Braun & Justin Bieber

28 thoughts on “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. William H

    Great post Moe! I can appreciate the fact that you aren’t trying to steal any shine, but rather remain humble and spotlight the others you work with. Classy move.

  2. Erika

    Enjoyed the post, Moe. Very important point about a team effort. Most people truly undervalue the importance of having the right team working with them. It is so true, no matter what business you are in. Those that usually the most successful are working with a team. No one person can do it all.

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  4. Joe Glass

    You Moe are a fag. Keep riding Scooter’s Dick. Maybe it will lead to one day where you can meet Jeezy and ask him to do an interview.

  5. veena

    the commenter above me, joe glass is so stupid. do u even read this blog? ure probably just a wannabe rapper who hates asher roth for being popular and want to attack anybody attached to him. hattttteeerrrrrr

  6. bmore diva

    aw helll nooo. who is this joe glass leaving childish comments like that??? ure the fag for leaving a comment like that.

    anyways screw that. awesome post moe! keep doing u and i give u a lot of respect for being real and talking about the team. forget these jealous morons.

  7. modi

    my tweet people put me on to the post. crucial. i co-sign that. the team aspect is crazy! cuz it’s like, you’re grinding, for somebody else to succeed, and you have no idea where it’s taking you. it’s risky, it’s time consuming, and all that shit. i’m down for the cause. it’s like a philosophy. do good to others, and it’ll alllllll come back around in the end.

    that’s what we all hope, anyway. keep grinding though. you’re right. the asher roth team is insane. you have the internet going nuts, like paul wall said in that still tippin verse. yzr.

  8. Moe Arora |

    @ William H – Thank you kind sir. I think it’s vital for everyone to praise and credit all the members of any team. I noticed a lot of people were assuming I was in charge of Asher’s push, but the reality is, I’m not, and I wanted to showcase that. I don’t see the point in taking false credit.

  9. Moe Arora |

    @ Erika – Thanks! You’re exactly right about that. I’m actually writing a part 2 to this post. It was originally one incredibly long post, but decided to separate them as two so that I can get each point across and not confuse them with one another.

  10. Chuckie

    Teamwork is so important and often, everybody’s in such a rush to get to the top they forget to acknowledge the other people that are helping them get there. Good job

  11. Eric Phillipson

    Keep doing your thing, Moe.

    Love seeing people humble themselves and willing to do things “for the team” Like modi said, it can seem risky, but if you do good for others it’s amazing how much comes back.

  12. MJ

    And to think, I wondered in here… I enjoyed this post. And if i were not at work, would be hopping on YouTube right now. I must come back later.

  13. Jake

    So Moe how big do you think this Bieber kid is going to get? It seems like all he sings about is love and hes only 13 or 14. I don’t really want to hear a kid sing about that stuff but I’m sure the middle school girls will love it.

  14. Chuck

    Isn’t Justin Bieber signed to Usher? I just saw his video and typed his name in google and found this. So are you doing his marketing also then? I can’t stand Asher Roth but this Justin kid looks promising. Just no more cheesy bubblegum videos k?

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