Not Saving Anything For The Way Back

I was running around doing some errands yesterday, and while walking towards the cash of an electronics store, I noticed a bin of DVDs for sale.

At the very top, as if just placed there perfectly for me, was Gattaca.

DVD of Gattaca with Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman & Jude Law

This movie right here, is one of my favourite movies period.

It’s a little old now (came out in 1997) and it’s a bit slow-paced, but the concept and message in this movie are incredible.

Without giving away any spoilers, Gattaca is about a society that lives in a “perfect” world. Parents choose how they want their babies; everything from what gender the child will be, to the colour of their eyes.

Basically, they order their kids as if they were ordering furniture.

Anyways, in this perfect world, there are a few “imperfect” humans or “defects” who end up trapped in a life without any opportunities or any possibilities of success.

The main character is a “defect” who ends up finding a way of sneaking into the superior class of society and completely defies his life plan.

He’s one of the best at what he does and nobody has a clue that he’s actually a defect.

It’s an incredible movie that really points out the fact that no matter who you are or who others think you are, you can do ANYTHING.

NOTHING is impossible and regardless of your past or present; the ONLY THING getting in the way of having EVERYTHING you have EVER wanted and everything that you have ever dreamed of, is YOUR OWN BELIEF.

Ignore everybody that says otherwise.


Sometimes that has to include loved ones. Your family and friends will always say they support you and believe in you, but truth is, there are usually limits to their belief.

Plus, if they don’t fully believe in themselves, how can they fully believe in you?

It’s a bold statement, but it’s true.

People will always remind you of “who you are”, but the reality is that’s only the perception of who you are. You can be anybody and anything you want to be. Not to sound corny, but it’s true.

It really hit me when I first moved to a different city. I had never been there before in my life and didn’t really know anybody there. I decided to use this to my advantage and become a new me. Shed all my bad habits and develop new ones. I was a stranger to everybody so nobody would be able to say “that’s not you”.

I became a completely new person.

I gained a whole new sense of self-confidence. And that self-confidence allowed me to realize that I was FAR more capable than I ever realized before.

Even if you aren’t moving to a new city and you’re always around people who know your habits and your “abilities”; you can still become a “new you”.

What’s the worst that will happen? People will comment? Some might crack jokes and try to ridicule you?


Let them be negative. That’s not your issue; it’s theirs.

They don’t have enough confidence or belief to be the best version of themselves, so they’re going to try and keep you down as well. Misery likes company, right?

If you allow that to affect you, it’s not them holding you back; it’s you. You have to make sure that NOTHING stops you.

This movie is an incredible visualization of that. And it doesn’t just have to be a movie or a story. It can be reality, and it is reality, but it’s just up to you to let it be.

One of my favourite lines (there are many great quotables in the movie) is during a scene where the main character (“the defect”), is swimming in a race against a “perfect specimen” and is winning. The perfect specimen asks the defect how he’s able to continue swimming for so long and with such stamina. The defect replies “I never saved anything for the way back”.

I love that line.

And it’s true. Most of us do that. We create this “exit strategy” in our minds whenever we approach a new task. A “Plan B.”

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a Plan B. That’s okay, but 9 times out of 10, people only have a Plan B because they don’t truly believe in their Plan A. They’re preparing themselves for failure.


Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t prepare myself for failure.

Anybody who knows me knows how intense I can get. For me, it’s all or nothing.

I’m either going to die successful or die still working on it. But no matter what, when I die, nobody will ever be able to say I didn’t give it my all.

The main character in this movie said “I Never Saved Anything For The Way Back”.

Kurt Cobain said “It’s Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away”.

Malcolm X said “By Any Means Necessary”.

Tupac said “Against All Odds”.

Hell, even Nike’s motto is “Just Do It”.

There’s so many of these quotes, but they all have the same message, “GO FOR IT!”

Whatever motivates you, whatever gets you going, whatever pushes you to go that extra mile; just find it and use it every single chance you get, because there is NOTHING that is holding you back from defying all odds and acheiving all your dreams.

Believe in yourself and anything is possible.


26 thoughts on “Not Saving Anything For The Way Back

  1. allan

    Incredible! I found you on twitter and just read this article. You sir, have just inspired me more than anything all year. Best of luck with achieving all of your dreams.

  2. veena

    i never even met you but i really believe you will be a major success. you have one of the most insightful and motivational blogs on the net. please never stop doing what you’re doing.

  3. Logiq

    Moe, great post! I’ve seen Gattaca many times and never get tired of it. There are soo many lessons you can take from it (including the one u mention). That is true that you are the master of your destiny and no one else. For someone like me who also studied science I know that a future like the one described in the movie is entirely possible and raises some SERIOUS ethical issues! Should your employer have the right to acces your genotype to determine if you are suitable to work for them? Should insurance companies require a mandatory DNA test before they can give you insurance? This movie raises serious ethical questions…I love science and technology but everything we invent can be used for good or bad.

  4. Chuckie

    This is truly inspiring. I teach a Business Management & Entrepreneurship course and would like your permission to print this post and distribute it to my students for inspiration. I filled in the email sent you a direct email regarding this as well. I’m going to look into this movie and maybe play it during one of my lectures. Continue doing what you’re doing. I will be proud to see you at the top one day and say I knew of you since the beginning. Cheers!

  5. Chuckie

    CORRECTION: Sorry, I meant to write “I filled in my email address in the email field AND sent you a direct email regarding this”.

  6. Steph

    MOE! I didn’t even know you had a blog. I just spent like an hour going through everything. This is incredible! Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. What city are you in now? Awesome write up and blog. Congrats on everything!

  7. OneM

    Moe! Keep it up man! It’s real great work.It”ll inspire lot of people!Congratulations & Good luck, May god shower His blessings on u all the time & .
    fullfill all ur desire.
    A Well wisher.

  8. EL Johnson

    Yo Moe,

    Thanks for this post man, it just confirms and re-affirms everything i’ve been doing for the past few months, especially with multiple ventures on the table. I sometimes catch flack for going as hard as i do, but i live by the motto of “GO Hard OR Go Homeless” (GHOGH pronounced “GO”) so like you said in your post, you cant have a plan B, because that means you didn’t believe enough in your plan A. Much success in the future my dude. i have no doubts that we’ll see eachother at the top.


  9. Moe Arora |

    @Logiq– You’re absolutely right, the society depicted in the movie is possible and raises some serious questions about morals and ethics. There are a lot of lessons and possibilities showcased in the movie. You’re one of the few who’ve actually seen it. Whenever I mention it to someone, it’s the first time they’ve ever heard of it.

  10. Moe Arora |

    @Chuckie– Wow. Thank you man. That is really incredible. I got your email and replied to you. You can definitely show it to your class; I’m just amazed to even hear that you’re doing that. That’s definitely a major motivator to me, to know that not only are people enjoying my blog, but would actually use it in an educational capacity. Thank you for the major compliment. I’m truly humbled by this.

  11. J

    I agree with you 100%. We are responsible for our own destiny and we can’t let anybody keep us down. Very inspiring post Moe. I love your site. Oh and I just wanted to mention, I auditioned and got a callback from 50 Cent’s new show Mogul in the Making. I’m hoping to get on. Wish me luck! I’ll try and plug your site if they let me!

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