I Stay Buying CDs

Don’t get me wrong, I support and purchase digital downloads from iTunes, etc, but as a personal preference, I still buy CDs.

Even though I mostly listen to music on my computer, iPod and Blackberry, I still prefer having a physical disc to sync the music from and to keep on my shelves. Maybe I’m a collector, maybe I’m nostalgic, but it’s what I prefer.

I purchase music all the time, but today 2 albums dropped that I’ve actually been looking forward to for a while:

T.I – “Paper Trail”
Dru – “The One”

New Music CDs: T.I - Paper Trail, Dru - The One

By the way, if you’re an R&B cat like me and you’re not familiar with Dru, you need to be. He was formerly with the group, In Essence, which broke into the scene with their song, “You Will Never Find Another” back in 1998 with Funkmaster Flex.


Check out some of his videos below and make sure to go cop his new record.


So now, let me ask you guys; what’s the last music (single or album/digital or physical) that you purchased?

12 thoughts on “I Stay Buying CDs

  1. Aura

    I still buy CDs too, but I mainly try to find a way to get them from for free marketing companies lol. The last CD I received was Jazmine Sullivan’s latest.

  2. liz

    omg he sounds sooo good! i got the ti album today too. i can’t disappoint my babyy lolz! before ti the last thing i bought was game lax.

  3. Lee

    I don’t think I’ve bought an actual CD in a long time. Whenever I do pay for music it’s itunes but even that’s rare

  4. Ali

    I’m ashamed to say that the last CD I purchased was “The Emancipation of Mimi. Hey, I’m a girl so it doesn’t count ;-/ I do listen to a lot of music in my Blackberry which consists of music classics from the 60’s – 90’s. However, I do have plans on picking up Jennifer Hudson, T.I. and Jazmine Sullivan. I’ll also pick up Dru – “The One” because I love R&B ;-)

  5. youngfreshnew

    Yup. I love owning the original and physical copies of albums. Its way more authentic. The last two albums I bought were Kardinal Offishal “Not 4 Sale” and Solange “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.

    How is the Dru album??

  6. Moe Arora | makingthemogul.com

    @Aura – Lol. I’m the same way. I’ll use the albums they send me for review, but for artists I really support or albums that I feel deserve more appreciation, I’ll still go out and buy their album and give the free one to a friend. I have to check out Jazmine Sullivan’s album. I have high expectations for it.

    @liz – Yeah, Dru’s album is great. Definitely check it out. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to all of T.I’s album but so far, it’s dope! I wouldn’t expect anything less. T.I stays consistent.

    @lee – I still prefer CDs, but I still buy digital downloads. As long as we’re still supporting the artists and music we listen to, right?

    @Phil Rando – Hey Phil. Thanks for checking out my blog. I guess we’ll see how Tip does when the number’s come back. I don’t know if he’ll beat Wayne’s first week numbers but I do believe he’ll debut at #1 or 2.

    @Ali – Lol. How doesn’t it count because you’re a girl? Women are the primary music buyers. The entire downfall of the industry is your fault :P lol. I have to admit, I haven’t listened to much of Jennifer Hudson. I definitely need to check out the Jazmine Sullivan album though. Let me know what you think of the Dru album once you get it. I have it on high rotation on my system.

    @youngfreshnew – Exactly. There’s a different feeling going through an actual collection of music as opposed to just clicking through a folder of mp3 files. I picked up that Kardi as well. Def a great album. I have to admit.. I have only heard about 2 minutes total of Solange’s music lol. I gotta get more familiar. The Dru album is great. You’ll definitely enjoy it. I guarantee it lol

  7. Pavla

    Hey where can I buy the Dru cd? I looked for it at virgin and target but can’t find it. Where did you get it from?

  8. Mirth Nadir

    Ahhhh … Good tip on the dru album. “You will never Find” is a classic hip hop/r&b joint. I like to mix it with Shook ones by Mobb Deep.

    Last CD I bought was digital and it was Jasmine Sullivan. Is it true that artists get more $$$ from CD’s then digital downloads? If so, I will go back to buying CD’s.

  9. Christina

    OMG I know that songgggg! I used to play it all the time!!! His new music sounds soooo good. I’m buying it next week!!

  10. TheJennTaFur

    I adore CD’s too! I just don’t feel as though I own or have a personal stake in the music unless I can touch it, have a booklet w/ lyrics and background information so therefore, I want a CD. I honestly never cared for iTunes and the more I find out about their questionable business structure, I am not to sure if I could support it. I prefer my CD in my hands and not virtually!

    Interesting read here:

    Harvard Law project does legal case study of iTunes’ business model

  11. Moe Arora | makingthemogul.com

    @Pavla – They’re still working on US distro for the album, but it’s available on iTunes right now.

    @Mirth Nadir – That’s an interesting mix. Can you email it to me? I gotta hear that. Regarding the payment difference, it all depends on the contract but also how much an artist sells in each medium: CDs are sold as full albums, whereas the majority of iTunes purchases are singles. It can vary, but I still make the choice to purchase the CDs. I love having the physical copy. No matter if I change computers, something happens to my hard drive, new iPod, etc.. I’ll always have something to reload my digital playlists.

    @Christina – Yeah, that song was pretty popular back then. If you like these tracks, you’ll love the new album.

    @TheJennTaFur – I couldn’t agree more. Even if I’m making certain choices that slant more towards digital distribution for certain clients, my personal preference remains CDs. Digital purchases don’t give me the feeling of real ownership. I looked over the summary for the case study you linked. It’s really interesting; I’m definitely going to read more into this. Thanks for that!

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