Can Asher Roth Survive With Eminem Still In The Game?

Is Asher Roth's Career Over Now That Eminem Is Back?

Eminem Is Back. What Does That Mean For Asher Roth's Career?

The past few days have been interesting.

Last week, Eminem had a release party for his new book, “The Way I Am”. During the event, Shade 45 (Eminem’s radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio) played a new song from Em called “I’m Having A Relapse”.

Ever since the song spread throughout the net, I’ve been noticing a lot of people talking about the effect it will have on Asher Roth‘s career.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, online radio… the discussion is everywhere. Here are just some of the comments I’ve been seeing across the net:

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QueRico says:

i think Asher needs more time before you can compare or put him in the same sentence as Em. but i really like the kid’s music. he’s really dope. i support the dude. he’s got talent.

i can’t wait to hear more from this cat. however, Em is a superstar & he’s just beyond a majority of rappers. i’m not sure if Asher could accomplish what Em has in his career. but you never know…..


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ray thomas says:

how does EM have depth…dude is 38 and just rapped about killing an 18th month old baby. I can relate to Asher much more than EM’s corny old ass. These old rappers need to get out of the way. Plus there is room for both of them. I just hope Asher has the killer instinct to stay alive. That is the one side we havent seen from dude. His mixtape is the truth though


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realestate says:

to say that Asher wont be successful is irrelevant because as long as he has good production, then he will do just fine. Eminem is a legend and shouldnt be compared to anyone unless youre talking about Jay, Nas, or anyone in that category.


Tha Advakit says:

The real question is, will the mainstream audience accept them. That remains to be seen. If Asher keeps dropping catchy songs like “I love college” I think he will be aight, cuz like someone said, he rhymes about college and cartoons. Em rhymes about his troubled upbringing and “stickin his dick inside a manicans ass”…..btw they’re not white rappers, they’re just rappers with a lighter skin tone…lol…race isn’t real, it’s just a figment of everyones imagination..seriously

It’s pretty interesting to read through everybody’s comments on these sites, but since my blog focuses more on the business side of the industry and attracts a different kind of reader, I’m curious to know what you think about this topic.

Do you think Asher Roth has it in him to stay relevant and succeed now that Eminem is back?

18 thoughts on “Can Asher Roth Survive With Eminem Still In The Game?

  1. Greg Bates

    These two really aren’t all that similar in my opinion, although Asher does sound a lot like a young Em on a few tracks.

    But it’s really too early to tell if he has it in him. Judging by the interviews I’ve read/seen, he seems to be a really authentic dude with a great attitude towards music, so I think he’ll be fine.

    The key for a guy like Asher Roth is to just stay true to himself, make authentic music, and tend to HIS audience rather than trying to be a ubiquitous pop star.

  2. Mary

    I don’t think Asher Roth’s career is in jeopardy just because Eminem is back. The comparisons will always stick with him, especially since they both sound exactly alike, but so did DMX and Ja Rule.

    Eminem was on BBC radio recently and said he didn’t want to be the biggest thing in the game anymore. He knows he’s getting older.

    Asher Roth has a different appeal. He’ll do just fine.


    I made a comment about this subject on Twitter tonight. I think the question was is there room for both of them or who was better.

    To me, they sound similar but are different. Asher sounds like Eminem but without the passion. Em’s music is more emotional.

    Also, to quote someone else: “There’s more than enough room for 2 white rappers. there’s enough room for all those wack rappers, so y not?”

  4. Nukirk

    I have not heard of Asher Roth before this post. But, this is getting kind of ridiculous when you compare white rapper to white rapper.

    Eminem can stand on his own against any rapper. Asher Roth? I don’t know this guy, and that’s the problem. If anything, the game and people mentioning Asher Roth and Eminem in the same sentence is probably doing his more good than harm. So now, I want to find out who is this cat and while everyone is talking about him.

  5. Henry

    ^^To the poster above. I just clicked on your link, you’re an artist whose name has the word “digital” in it and you haven’t heard about Asher Roth until now? No offense, but that just shows you’re not in the loop with things because Asher Roth’s been getting tons of attention since the beginning of the year and is everywhere on the net.

    To answer the post though, I’m not quite so sure yet about Asher Roth. His online promo is on point, but all his music has been free mixtape stuff. Let’s see how well his label translates that into actual sales.

  6. T•[REC]

    ^^To the poster above. Stop being a such douchebag and get off your high horses. No offense, but I don’t understand why people like you decide to start a sentence with ‘no offense’ before actually going ahead and saying something that is actually an attack to the person. That just shows that you really are a fukin moron.

    To answer the post though, I think what Em should do is sign Asher Roth or featuring him on a song on his upcoming album. The track could be heartfelt and both could rap about personal issues that concern them, or they could go on and make a new generation ‘Guilty Conscience’ type of track. Imagine the possibilities!
    _ _
    BTW, I don’t know if Moe actually reads all the comments, but I’m really liking your blog. I’m from Montreal, check me out @ http://www.TarekAgainstTheWorld.Com and if you’re interested, I’d like to exchange links!

  7. Angel

    I hadn’t heard of Asher until this morning when I was listening to XM radio and discovered they activated the new channel line-up. To my great joy I found Shade 45 when I was skimming the new channels, and the DJ was in the middle of doing an interview with Asher. I heard him talk, and I heard “I Love College” and then heard him talk some more. I had to go grocery shoppin’ and when I went inside I made it a point to look for XXL Magazine because he was talking about the photoshoot and interview for that. (To be 100% honest, I was surprised that he was white. I’m not ashamed in saying what my first impression was).

    I love his style, but like everyone above me, to compare Em and Ash as white rappers is like comparing Daddy Yankee and Pitbull just because they’re latino. Makes no sense. There is plenty of room for the both of them in the game. There is no cookie-cutter “Greatest Rapper EVER” kinda thing, and each has his own areas of expertise. Ash is more playful in his style, and Em is definitely more of a dramatic rapper.

    I’m looking forward to both their albums. Em’s new single shows he’s still sarcastic as ever, and Ash’s mixtape is, well, its lyricism is brilliant. Both are talented, and I can’t wait to hear more of their music.

  8. k case

    Of course there is room for both Ash and Em, unfortunately the real tragedy is that now there is not room for Bubba Sparxxx.

  9. Jack

    My first impression of this kid was an emcee who bit Eminem, McLovin, and Kanye’s album series concept.

    Very surprised Steve Rifkind signed him because of 2m spins on myspace. This kid reminds me of a Guerilla Black / Shyne. Maybe just Rifkind’s way of getting a piece of the white rapper pie. But couldn’t he have found a man more raw? Like DooWiTTle.

    In all – I wish Asher Roth the best, and am happy for the man to make it, but damn – is this where Hip-Hop is going?

  10. md40

    Y yall hiting on AR this foo is cool. way better then alot of black rappers. I know 4 one thing hes 10xz better then soulja boy, flow Rider,plies and ron brownz and those catz are making mad papers wit there gruber insane music. so yall cant be hiting on AR. Hes 2 cool for a white boy.

  11. AEYST

    “I love college” is a great song for the time, but I thought it was Eminem, until I read Asher’s name on a mixtape. All in all, Eminem made a name for himself, while Asher Roth made a name cause he sounds exactly like Eminem. (I’m sure that’s what got him so many myspace plays.) I’m gonna research what got him(asher) into music, and what struggles he’s gone through to get signed. If he’s still around in two years I’d say he’s standing on his own two feet, but these record execs might drop him as soon as the population realize they been duped. Maybe he should use auto-tuner to distinguish himself…

  12. Mufasa

    Sorry, but if there was such a thing as “flow infringement” Em would be able to sue this guy. He might be talented but his sound sure isn’t orginal. I can understand some unlying similarities but this guy is an Em knock-off with different subject matter. he HAD to know people were going to say this. Seems like the “old rappers” have set the standard.

  13. J Botany

    Are you serious? Comparing Eminem to an overnight one hit wonder?

    Your favorite rappers show Eminem his respect, Nas, Jay-Z, Jadakiss to Joe Budden…
    If they can show the man his respect for what he’s done, why cant you?

  14. T_mon

    Em is dropping the new album

    Asher just did.

    Both of them left me shaking my head in disappointment.

    Eminem was the one rapper I listened to that i thought would never sell out or put out some whack shit. I thought he would know when to call it quits. I let him slide on Encore, but this is too much. Relapse, when its fully released is going to upset alot of true Em fans. Im not asking for another Marshall Mathers LP but c’mon Em, wheres that fire, that lethal flow and the unstoppable rage?

    As for Asher, I thought the Greenhouse Effect was dope, but Asleep in the Bread Aisle kinda made me realize how stupid it was to think a kid from Nowhere, Pennsylvania would create a lasting effect on the Game. “Blunt Cruisin”??…c’mon

    It sucks for Ash that he looks and sounds so much like Em. People don’t really see how original he is because of it.

    I mean all in all I like Asher, but i think he should just stay with the bullshit songs about fking cartoon characters and morning boners. Thats the type of shit that makes him funny.

    All in all i don’t think hes got to worry Eminem. I mean yeah they are both white and got the same sounding voice, but they are so different when it comes to whats in there music.

    And the music is all that matters right?

  15. d-jay

    i think tthat em is the all time bst no one can top him but asher is a dope rapper to stay in the game man but you will never top em

  16. dark

    if you think about it When Eminem came out with My name is he took the world by storm right away in fact his album made him a superstar Asher does not have that effect he is no where near the top 10 rappers Eminem is probaly number 1, i dont how they can be compared Eminem is more lyrical his Rhymes pierce you, his Voice is probaly the best voice in the game its so unqiue, no one Rhymes or sounds half as good as him go listen to We made you, Underground, stay wide awake fast tempo viscous songs cant fuck with EM.

  17. dark

    you all expect to much of EM Encore was my favourite Album Just lose it, Mosh ( his greatest political song fantastic), yellow brick road, Mokingbird, toy soldiers all good songs people dont understand that Eminem is not always goign to be Shady does he look like he is a goth or Emo his a rapper he only made songs like MM because he was angry at the time his not his not anymore he aint a pimple faced angry kid anymore.

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