What's Your Favourite Microphone Marriage?

One thing I’ve always enjoyed as a music fan is the concept of microphone marriages.

What’s a mic marriage?

A mic marriage is a song with one male artist and one female artist. Not only does it offer 2 different voices, but it also offers 2 different perspectives of the same story. It doesn’t have to be a love song (although it almost always is), it could be any type of record.

From a business perspective, this can prove to be a great method of combining 2 separate fanbases with similar tastes and traits, that can easily crossover to each other, as well as create a new market for the collaboration of the 2 artists together (in other words; 1 massive pool of fans & 3 different streams of products to sell them).

On a personal, music fan tip though, I love the combination of 2 great artists offering 2 separate voices to the same story.

One example of a mic marriage is Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore. They recorded an entire album together called, “Things That Lovers Do”. (This album is a must for your mood music collection). These two are actually married, but a mic marriage doesn’t have to be two people tied to each other in any other way other than on the song itself.

As a music fan, if you could pick one mic marriage pair-up to record an entire album together, which one would it be?

I asked this question on Twitter a few days ago and I was overwhelmed with how many people replied with the same answer – Method Man & Mary J. Blige.

That’s probably one of the best examples there is.

Others answers included Ginuwine & Aaliyah, Nas & Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z & Beyonce and Avant & Keke Wyatt.

I like all of those pair ups, but truth be told, if I could pick only one, there’s another pair-up that I could only pray to the music gods to have them record an album together. They’re both well known artists, but their collaboration together is not as well-known.

Before you click on the play button, in order to really enjoy this song, you need to be in your personal zone. If you’re at home; shut off the TV for a few minutes, close your eyes and listen. If you’re at work or school; just put on your headphones, zone out and just… listen.

Ladies and gentleman… This. Is. Music:

Lauryn Hill ft. D’Angelo – Nothing Even Matters

That’s my favourite mic marriage. What’s yours?

7 thoughts on “What's Your Favourite Microphone Marriage?

  1. S A V V Y Fatty!

    I LOOOOVVVEEE “Nothing Even Matters.” Pure Soul Genius right here!
    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were screwing because the soul and emotion was soooooo THERE!
    I got this in my car RIGHT now!

  2. Necole Bitchie

    Loved nothing even matters…loved erykah badu with deangelo..the song title slips me..

    Ultimate favorite, was Beyonce and Eric Benet. It was the wedding song on the Best Man soundtrack i think. loved loved loved it…

    i think it was called “Here I am”

  3. ChuckT

    Black Thought (The roots) & erykah badu – You got me
    Lupe Fiasco & Jill Scott – Daydreaming
    Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean – Hip hop saved my life

  4. Moe Arora | makingthemogul.com

    @Franco – Classic

    @bmore diva – Yeah, this song is incredible. I’m glad I put you on :)

    @S A V V Y Fatty! – This song really is genius. Everytime it comes up on my iTunes, I have to replay it at least 4-5 times before I let another song play lol.

    @Necole Bitchie – Erykah Badu & D’Angelo’s track is “For Your Precious Love”. I can’t lie.. I had to Google the name of that one lol. That was a dope joint. Here I Am as well. Her song with Marc Nelson, “After All Is Said And Done” is one of her best songs too in my opinion.

    @ChuckT – Nice choices. You Got Me is one of my favourites!

  5. ChuckT

    preciate it. nikki jean can blow too she filled in for jill on daydreaming during the GITDT and she held her own. never heard a few of the other tracks mentioned i guess i got homework now lol

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