3 Year Anniversary!!

I was so caught up with work recently, I completely overlooked a small, but meaningful milestone:

This past Friday, November 14th, was the 3 year anniversary since I’ve been a full-time employee of… myself!

Damn right!

I decided to start my own business 3 years ago and have been on my grind each and every single day and night since.

I wish there were time to celebrate, but as a result of all the time and effort I’ve put into it, I got work to do!

With that being said, I’m actually undergoing a few changes at the moment. As you can tell from the current header image, I’m currently re-designing my logo as well as the layout of the page. These changes will affect my blog as well as my business and I look forward to unveiling the new look to you shortly.

With that being said, even if I can’t take time off to celebrate properly, I can at least take the next 4 minutes to celebrate with all of you through the party that is this video.

I don’t drink alcohol though, so I’ll do my own personal remix and pop VOSS instead. Ha!

3 years! Wooo-hoooooooo!

14 thoughts on “3 Year Anniversary!!

  1. Casey

    Congratulations!! That is an incredible accomplishment! All the best to another 3 great years!

    (You don’t drink alcohol? Not at all? How come if you don’t mind me asking.)

  2. Drew

    Congrats! I know how crazy your hustle is so this is a big reason to celebrate! I’ll pop some champagne for you!! LOL

  3. Cheavor

    Congratulations Brotha!! I’ll sip a whooole bottle of Smart Water in Celebration of your 3 Year Anniversary :-) Here’s to 3 more Prosperous years Brotha.

    Nuff Respect


    *PAUSE* (on the vid) But ENCORE on the success! Here’s to attaining Mogul status on your own merit, executing better than the comp and boasting a hustle so grand the checks keep rolling in!

    *Hoists up& Pours out Fiji h20*


    ~ M.

  5. eightSeven

    Congrats homie. keep it going! In a time when dreams are reality, your only enemy is sleep. also thanx for stoppin’ by my spot and sharing your insight’ i’ll definitely be on the look out for “The Outliers”

  6. Malik

    Congrats my nig! Keep on the grind. It always pays off in the end.

    For every minute you out there sleep, someone else is out there grindin’ in them streets.

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