Rest In Peace Shakir Stewart

Today marks a truly unfortunate day, as Shakir Stewart has passed away.

Just earlier this year, Shakir was named Executive Vice President of Def Jam Recordings. Prior to his promotion, he served as Senior VP of A&R at Def Jam since September 2006 and as VP of A&R the two years prior.

Shakir passed away earlier today as the result of a suicide. More details are available at the moment, however given the unfortunate nature of this situation, I choose to leave it at that and simply extend my prayers to his family, friends, colleagues and all those who have had the privilege of being around him.

The music business lost a great man.

Rest In Peace.

12 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Shakir Stewart

  1. Tina M

    This is so sad. I’ve been hearing this non-stop for the past hour but couldn’t find anything until I saw your message on twitter. So sad. I pray for his family.

  2. Jess

    I can’t believe this. This can’t be real. I just ran into Shake a few weeks ago and shared a few laughs with him. I can’t believe it. How can this have happened? Why does this have to happen to GOOD, HARD WORKING PEOPLE????? I really don’t believe it. This can’t be real.

  3. donovan

    i still can’t believe this. it’s too crazy. i don’t believe it’s suicide it must be something else

  4. Jamal

    R.I.P Shakir Stewart. He will truly be missed.

    P.S. I really respect that you chose not to divulge any details surrounding this incident Moe. Very classy and respectful of his loved ones.

  5. Sara

    I agree with Jahmal, it’s good to see you took the high road and showed respect rather than participate in the mess of journalists trying to use exclusive news to their benefit. I never met Shakir Stewart,but I send my regards to his family and all those who were in his life. RIP.

  6. A Situation

    While I find myself naturally curious as to why a successful, attractive, educated black man would take his own life…I do understand that LIFE is sometimes much deeper than all of those things combined.

    IN ADDITION…I admire, commend and respect the author choosing not to divulge the details and I extend my heartfelt condolences. It takes a big person to show that amount of respect rather than feed into the frenzy. Blessings to all

  7. Casey

    This is really such horrible news. I agree with the the other comments above that you did a commendable thing by not participating in the gossip talk. They were even saying on Twitter that bloggers are being asked to be careful how they report this event. A lot of people are mad at sohh and other hip-hop sites because of how they talked about it. Just another reason why I love your blog, you have good sense. RIP to Shakir Stewart and condolences to his family and friends.

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