Wow HostGator. Just Wow.

*Note: I originally posted this on Tuesday, however my blog wasn’t fully transported to my new webhost, so even though it showed up in RSS feeds everywhere; that post has been lost in cyberspace. This is a repost.*

If you visited my site anywhere between 1am and 10pm yesterday, you probably saw something that looked like this:

Domain Redirected To A Generic Search Portal

Obviously, this had me in FUMES given the very recent issues I’ve been having with HostGator, so I contacted them via their online live chat.

This is how the conversation went:

HostGator Tech Support: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you? 

Moe: Hi. I’m having a major issue with my account right now. All my domains are being directed to 

HostGator Tech Support: When did this start to happen? 

Moe: I got a few emails about it overnight.. the first one being timed at 2am. I only noticed them now though. 

HostGator Tech Support: What is your primary name on the account and what are all the addon domains on that account? 

Moe: My primary domain is ——–. That one is showing up fine. Many of my addon domains, including my blog,, are being redirected for some reason though. None of my domains are up for expiration or anything of the sort, so I know it’s not that. 

HostGator Tech Support: One moment please 

Moe: Sure 

HostGator Tech Support: Ok it should be fixed now. 

Moe: It’s still doing the same in Safari. I’ll try in Firefox 

HostGator Tech Support: ok 

Moe: Nope. Still the same. I just checked on 2 different computers as well 

HostGator Tech Support: After looking into this it looks like there was a dns issue on the domain on our servers and I had that corrected you would just have to wait for it to propagate to our servers. 

Moe: How long does that take? 

HostGator Tech Support: it can take up to 12 hours. 

Moe: Wow. How did this happen? 

HostGator Tech Support: Well I am not sure I just noticed that on the server level and I corrected that. I am not sure exactly how it happened though and I apologize about that. 

Moe: Thanks for fixing it. I appreciate *your* help. It’s just too bad I’m having nothing but issues with HostGator these days. Definitely time to switch to another, more reliable hosting company. Bye HostGator.


And I did say bye.

I was already planning on leaving after my recent fiasco, but assumed I had a little bit of time to figure it out and wouldn’t experience any more issues now that things have settled down.


I woke up to dozens of messages from people telling me that my website was being directed to a generic search portal.


I might not be the most technical person on this earth, but regardless of what nuances someone tells me about why something on a server messes up, the end fact is – it messed up!

Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it. I’m a results person. You can offer me free hosting in an attempt to accommodate me for major inconveniences, but what good is free garbage if it’s still garbage?

Bye HostGator.

I’ve already opened an account with a new hosting company and currently transferring over all of my sites & files.

I’ve gotten MANY great recommendations for web hosting companies via email, Facebook & Twitter, and have contacted all of them. In the past week, I’ve spoken to at least 25 different web hosting companies. Some of them offered great prices and come highly recommended as being 110% on their customer service and tech support game.

Although, I would have loved to go with any one of these hosts, only one was able to offer what I need. Even some of these other hosting companies suggested I go with them after I explained my wants and needs.

That says something!

Thank you to everybody who suggested web hosts to me via emails, Facebook & Twitter.

I’ll post tomorrow to tell you which company I’ve chosen and why :)

12 thoughts on “Wow HostGator. Just Wow.

  1. Hussein

    Can’t believe you’re saying goodbye to Hostgator. Friend,Gator is a very nice host. hehehe.I am loving it.

    1. Moe Arora

      @Hussein – I couldn’t disagree with you more. Obviously, everybody will have different experiences, however if you read my posts regarding the situation and witnessed the incredibly poor service I’ve been receiving through my Twitter stream, you would understand that I’ve actually been quite patient with them however continued to experience incredibly poor service.

      I’m sure you would leave HostGator as well if you experienced even half of the problems I’ve had with them.

  2. Costa

    What’s wrong with these people commenting here? Do you people work for hostgator? He wrote a couple posts explaining his exact problems and you leave comments saying hostgator is good? I would have left them in a heartbeat too. I would never stay with any company that I had this many issues with. I look forward to hearing which host you went with. I need some good recommendations.

    1. Moe Arora

      @Laurence – Thanks for your comment Laurence. I hear you; I’ve been with them for a few years as well and hadn’t had too many issues before this. These recent issues were just unacceptable however so I had to leave. Great site btw. If you’re really a Mac genius, I’m definitely going to be in touch with you lol!

      @Costa – Hey Costa. I appreciate your words. It’s fine though, everybody has their own experiences; I don’t mind hearing them. My experience was just too much for me to stay with them. I’m posting right now about the hosting companies I’ve looked at and who I chose. It’ll be online in a few minutes.

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  4. Fred

    I am have the same problem with hostgator.

    Seems like a lot of people are also, just google + hostgator

  5. Joe

    HostGator are still allowing this to happen. They say it is a bug in the control panel, umm, yeah right! Catch a wake up already!

  6. Aran

    We are currently experiencing the exact same search portal coming up for our entire site.

    Hostgator says that they are not responsible or in any way related to this search portal but the fact that you had the exact same portal come up for you as we are experiencing now indicates that they are related.

    Hostgator is making money off this. Those links generate ad revenue.

    This is absolutely insane. If I can’t get a straight answer from Hostgator on this we will be switching hosts. Having our customers see a spam linkfarm while our IP is propagating is egregious.

  7. Monlam

    count me in.. same here.. and the worst thing is they keep blaming the domain Registrar.
    I like hostgator except for these small but annoying things. The last tech even said ur domain is registered with godaddy and godaddy is connected with searchportal.. wtf!!

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