Mack Maine On

Mack Maine on

Excerpt: What have you been working on recently?

Mack Maine: I’m working on a Don Canon mixtape. A lot of people think it should be my album, because it’s all original beats, so I decided to name it This is Just a Mixtape: The Realest To Never Do It. [Plus], the album is stupid man, I got 230 songs; I’m recording every night. I’m about do my first movie. I just started reading the script on the plane and it’s a pretty interesting movie. I’m also working on my documentary that’s supposed to come out in theaters sometime soon. Denzel and Will Smith are getting kinda old, I’m about to see if I can fill that void, you know, just to give it a shot.

XXL: So you try to touch it all, not just music?

Mack: Yeah, music’s just a start. Kush Entertainment is where we put out DVDs, and I’m the CFO. I also just started my own label, called Soothe Your Soul Music. You know, it soothes your soul, baby! We touchin’ souls around here, we not just tryna make you dance. Dancing is a part of soothing your soul, but you might laugh, you might cry, you might release your stress away.

XXL: Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with Lil Wayne?

Mack Maine: That’s my brother. We rock like brothers from the same, not from another. We’ve been good friends since like age 5. We were raised by the same people, came up under the same structure, and were taught the same morals and values on life. Now he’s up for eight Grammys. That’s big for the team. I watched that dude rap when he was eight years old and I thought he was weird, man. We’d be playing basketball and he’s on the side, and we like, “What the fuck is he talkin’ about?” Back then, there weren’t no kid rappers. And now he’s up for eight Grammys and it’s just like, wow.

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