How To Get A Music Manager & Booking Agent


If you ask 100 independent artists what they need in order to take their career to the next level, most of them are likely to say that they need a good manager, or that they need a booking agent.

Problem is, about 99 of them probably don’t understand what a manager and booking agent really does, or when it’s the right time to look for one.

Former major label A&R, Scott Austin, breaks down the roles of booking agents and managers for you in the 2 videos below.

How To Get A Booking Agent

How To Get A Music Manager

What do you think about these videos? Would you like to see more like them?

If so, please leave a comment below and let me know.

47 thoughts on “How To Get A Music Manager & Booking Agent

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  3. Howard M.

    I just found this site and love all the valuable information provided here. I teach a music business class to aspiring artists and musicians. I’m going to make this website part of the recommended reading for my students. I’ve sent you an email at the Gmail address you have on the top of the site. I hope to hear back from you soon.

    1. odalys

      I’m 13 years old and i love singing i need a manager and i was wondering if i can get one. I’ve been singing snce i was 8 i always enjoyed music. So canyou guys please contact me,because i really want to sing and become better and let this be my career. thank you.

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  6. eddie

    i want to be come a singer but idk what to do i am on a budget so i cant go to a record company and book the studio so please e-mail me back and tell me what to do

  7. Betty Fox

    I am a member of a gospel group. We are seeking a booking manager to do booking out of the state of Mississippi.

  8. Betty Fox

    I am a member of a Traditional Gospel Group. We are looking for someone to do booking out of the state of Mississippi.

  9. Miguel

    Hey Im 14 years old and I live in springfield Oregon. Not much opportunities here. Im still determined though. I know where i wanna be with my music career I want to sign preferably with Hollywood records. I got big dreams. Im looking for away to make them come true just got no idea how. The kind of music i play is Pop rock i guess. Alot of people I’ve played for feel what im sayin when im out there singin and playin. i really doubt your gonna read this (Scott Austin). But maybe someone else will and can possibly help me.

  10. Dustin

    Thanks for the videos they are really an eye opener. I’m gonna read up on the industry and clear up the mud. I want to get my band on a small tour, whats your input?

  11. ashlee

    Im 15 and i want to be a singer, and i was wondering how do you get a music manager, can any one please tell me! plz !!

  12. Jessica

    Heeey, I’m a sixteen year old singer/songwriter who has been singing since I was seven. Please check out my music at;
    Thank you!!

  13. Lil H

    hi my name is Lil H i am a Rnb Artist singer songwriter

    have just shot the video of my 2nd single take you away

    i am so hungry to get as far as i can in the music industry but finding it hard to get far i have put my foot in many doors as you know there are alot of polictics which have put my chances down

    here is the link of my new single take you away\
    Lil H – Take you away

  14. kendrick woods- kid ken1n2

    I go by the name of kid ken and I rap. I’m very talented. I write my own music and I edit and mixdown on my own as well. I’ve did a few mixes off of a few very well known artists already in the industry just to show my skills. I’m not bragging though and it would really be a blessing to find a manager so I could take things to the next level with a professional career. Check my myspace page at Or contact me at,, or call me at (646)595-6638. Thanks and god bless.

  15. Felicia

    I’m a singer/songwriter/dancer/actress I’m 16 years old i would like to start small nothing big something like a back up dancer in a video or a video girl/love interest or commercial anything is good i just think it’s time i live the dream i be dreaming for 5 years.My music teacher say i write good songs i would like for other people to hear them…. thank you please e-mail me if like what i wrote

  16. kaitlyn

    Singing: well, ive beeen singing for as long as i can remember, all i do is listen to music, every songg i find the connection with it, its like i am the music, i can feel the beat, feel the melody, yes, i may not be the best, but so what ive never had anyone tell me im bad, or need improvement ive always wanted to feel wat thats like , so im looking for opinions, ive bee trying to get noticed for ages, its like all i do all day everyday every seccond of my life is singing, i dont care wat complications i have in my life, singing is my everything contact me i need your help!! im only 13 :) 14 this year and i feel like ill be doing this for the rest of my life, if im not singing, im nothing !! myspace: http:/ Twitter:KaitieMarie FaceBook:Kaitlyn Mester Contact me!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. d-double a

    hello my name is ali and i am 13 years old!! i need i manager because me and my 2 best friends want to set our music career our! we write our own songs and we aready finished writing the songs that we want on our first cd! please help us we are very serious about this and we have emailed managers and they dont email us back. and you can just go check out our email to see ow serious we are about this. we are very good singers and we hope that you send us back and not ignore us like every other manager we have sent emails to but please send back and in d.a.a. (d-double a) there is ali(13 years old) jae(13 years old) and ken ken(12 years old)
    but please send back at we just want to have a chance! we even have videos of us singing our songs on there go ahead and check it out!
    our website is:

  18. nikia squire


    Tue, April 6, 2010 6:48:10 PM
    Just Freshie [Chat now]

    View Contact
    Hello, my name is Nikia Squire. I’m from Columbia, SC. I am 16 years old. I am currently working on 3 mixtapes (all different genre). I am self promoted, and i’m determined to get somewhere with myself. Me, Myself, I’ve been emailing people about myself since i was 14. Haven’t had any response.. I rap and i sing. I’m starting to see a vocalist coach now (about to start working with someone new), and i’m working with more older and wiser people to influence good qualities so grow as a stronger, powerful, wise role model for the younger ages. My whole motive for rapping, isn’t just to be famous for everyone to know me. It’s to understand the eyes of a young adult, and to show everyone that drugs, sex, money, isn’t all to life. You can check me out on: . .

    I’m willing to take all suggestions and advice from you, and any individual that’s been doing this longer than i have. Just take the time to listen, i’m the kind to always strive to be better…no matter what it takes.

    Nikia Squire

  19. Odalys

    i found this website and i wanted to see if you guys can help me to do my singing career. i love singing and ive been doing it sence i was like 8 and im 13. i just want to know if you people can please help me.

  20. christian butler

    Hello my name is Christian i’m 14, i love playing the keyboard, Druns, and singing. i’v been playing the Drums since i was 3, and i just start playing the keyboard i play for a church. I was wondering if i can get a music producer/manager and help me in music. Please contact me. Thank you

  21. genevieve opara

    i am 13 years ,i am from nigeria and i need a manager i am still schooling so u have to wait for 2 years ,i want to enter disney channel have my own pls help me wait for 2 years i just want a manager that i wiil give my songs to and help to chanage some word arrange them and wait till i come aborad to do my college pls!!! help me

  22. alexa conrad

    i can sing dance and act and i RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY need a maniger PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nikki D.

    Hey what’s up everyone. My name’s Nikki D. I’m 17yr old. I have my own entertainment company by the name of “Almost Famous Ent.” It consists of my sister & I. We’re both very blessed & talented. I make all of our beats,record all of our songs,produce all of our tracks,& we both write our own lyrics. All of our material is original. We live in AL. We’re working on getting further exposure as artist & also on our clothing line “Whistling Sixes” which is underconstruction at the moment. We have our hands in a lot right now & are open for collaborations. Please go to to get the feel of our style & to get to know us better. If you like what u hear,contact me @ We’re also in need of a manager!! Hit us up!!

  24. shana

    heyyy my names shana and im a singer and iv been singing since 1 years old and my moms a singer and shes a in the music biss so i need a manger and fast will be doing a album soon and i just need a manger and i need to get out there and ima doing shows soon can i count on your help and im 16 so i need it soon thanks and have a good day

  25. Derek Blankenship

    I for years have loved to sing and wanted to further my career, but never did the proper research until now. Your videos are really insightful and anyone who watches this should know to use this as a tool to step into the wright direction. Thanks for the tips and hints on where to start a firm foundation. Although this video was insightful, I still am curious how would I get in contact with an A&R directly ?

  26. naynay

    heeey me and my best friend have been singing together since the 4th grade we realy want to get out there and make a positive mark on the world but we dont have a manger\booker i hope u do read dis and help us out

  27. Gustav Nielsen

    Hey Scott. Im 15 almost 16 and im looking for someone who can get me in to the music buissnies. Like you mabey? I need a maneger and a booking agent who can help me get my music to reach in to peaples souls. Becouse thats what i wanna do with my music. I wanna make people feel happy and joyful when they lissten to my music. Please contact me if your interessted. Please this is my dream for sure.

  28. Desiree Turner

    Hi ,our names are Desire Armani AND Genique. We are apart of a group called The Feminin Twiinz.Our names inside of the group is, Desire ,Lexi P., and Lil G . We are 12 and 11 years old and yes , we are female rappers. If you want a sample of our music you absolutley HAVE to meet us please no joking !!! The email adress is….The twitter account is…..Thank You for your support
    The Feminin Twiinz!!!!

  29. Desiree Turner

    Hi ,our names are Desire Armani AND Genique. We are apart of a group called The Feminin Twiinz.Our names inside of the group is, Desire ,Lexi P., and Lil G . We are 12 and 11 years old and yes , we are female rappers. If you want a sample of our music you absolutley HAVE to meet us please no joking !!! The email adress is….The twitter account is…..Thank You for your support!!!
    The Feminin Twiinz!!!!

  30. Neema Revocatus Mbuya

    Morning. I would like to have a manager who can help me show what i’ve got. My name is Neema Revocatus Mbuya i’m 15. I can sing and act. I also wrote one novel but i didn’t publish it because of some problems. If anyone reads this or any manager please i hope somebody can help me and be my manager. I live in Tanzania/Dar es salaam and i really want to show my skills. You can get me in this e-mail or this number +255717616601 or +255717050922 please help

  31. Maia

    hi! 13 years old and my name is maia brown….i am very talented and have been playing the piano for 3 years now and i have a beautiful voice…i am a hard worker and love music…….the only thing missing is a manager!….i hope to hear from u soon!

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