MTL 2 ATL & Back 2 MTL


Sorry for the lack of updates this past little bit. I was in Atlanta for a bit, where the weather was so incredible, I’m trying to remember why exactly I came back to cold & snowy Montreal.

My trip was a mix of business & personal; as I went to take care of some work as well as celebrate my birthday with my fellow Feb 9’er, DJ Hotsauce (who shall now be known as Sawce, along the style of Rick Rawse the Bawse).

The entire trip was incredible and let me tell you, Southern Hospitality is very, very real! (Major shoutouts to Sawce & DJ Jelly)

Probably the funniest moment of my trip, was when I was walking into a venue to watch a live showcase and someone outside yelled out, “Yo! Are you Moe? You’re on Twitter right?”.

I’m sorry, but that right there is some cool-ass sh*t. Being recognized in a different city, and solely based off of Twitter? Eff yeah! Anyways, I digress (I still feel special though).

There were several people I was looking forward to meeting with, however due to the fact that many people were in LA for the Grammy’s and other scheduling conflicts, it didn’t work out – for this trip anyways.

Rather than shouting out everybody I met with (there are too many and I know I’ll end up forgetting a bunch), just know that everybody I met with down there is good peoples and it was a blast.

I’ll be back sooner rather than later, so I definitely look forward to meeting with everybody I connected with & all those whom I’ve yet to do so.

Interestingly, I kept getting the same comment from several people while there: that I need to update my blog more often.

I definitely intend to.

This counts as one.

3 thoughts on “MTL 2 ATL & Back 2 MTL

  1. Kimberlyjo

    Hey Moe!! Great to meet you….hope to work with you in the future….hey i need some tips for the Music Mogul kiddies!!

  2. Moe Arora

    @Kimberlyjo – It weas great meeting you (again) too! I got you regarding the workshop. I’ll take another look at the email & get back to you tonight or tomorrow for sure!

    @L – Yeahh! MJQ is the spot! Even the last time I came down, I had the most fun there. That’s definitely my kind of spot. MJQ & R. Thomas.. we got this! lol

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