The Making Of "My President Is Black"

Music production software, Logic Pro

Music production can be incredibly challenging to get into; especially when technology has made it possible for nearly anybody to have a fair shot at it. But whether you’re learning to produce in a music school or learning on your own, nothing can replace real, live examples of music you listen to every single day.

Earlier last week, I met with producers Dow Jones & Henny of Tha Bizness. During our conversation, we began discussing blogging, social media and different ways of using them effectively to not only connect with an audience, but also to educate others making their way up.

Seeing that Tha Bizness have their own blog, I suggested making a video walkthrough of some of the hits they’ve been creating.

Being the forward thinking guys they are, they were open to the idea.

Today, they released the video on the creation of Young Jeezy‘s mega-hit, “My President Is Black”:

Added Bonus – The final music video for Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black”:

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