John Mayer Working On Hip-Hop Album


It looks like John Mayer is working on his next album, but this time, he’s crossing over into hip-hop.

According to his blog, he cites Kanye West‘s crossover on “808s & Heartbreak” as his primary influence.

I don’t think he’ll be rapping, per se, but most likely singing with some hip-hop fused tracks.

Keep in mind, this wouldn’t be an album for the underground rap snobs, who refute anything that isn’t politically charged and riot-inciting. This would be a record for the crossover fans (there are more hip-hop heads who listen to John Mayer than you may realize).

Here’s a video of him messing with some samples on his MPC:

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

10 thoughts on “John Mayer Working On Hip-Hop Album

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  9. Barry Bonds

    Like it – I think music needs a kick in the ass. The more people say they don’t give a F about what they are “suppose” to do – the more the music grows.

    I wish I could chop up samples like that – do you have any tutorials on how to do it?

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