Welcome To Producers Week


Welcome to Producers Week!

Producers Week is a one week themed “event” on MakingTheMogul.com that focuses on the producers.

Throughout the week, I will feature several hit producers and producer managers, offering insight into the business of music production.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn about how others started their careers, or you’ve been producing for a few years and feel like you still need further insight into the industry or a bigger opportunity – Producers Week is for you.

This is my first event of the kind on makingthemogul.com, so I welcome any and all comments/suggestions on how to make it better for the next time.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!


Now that Producers Week is completed, below is an index of all the features:

J.R Rotem's Manager & CEO of Beluga Heights, Zach Katz


Trafficker Management

Music Producers, Dirty Swift & Bruce Waynne - Midi Mafia

Hit Music Producers Sound Off

27 thoughts on “Welcome To Producers Week

  1. DJ GoldNKiD

    I must have typed too much! Thanks for the great opportunity! We’ve worked with DJ Finesse (Bad Boy’s Official DJ), H20 and Ace Diamond (his artists), Young Twinn (signed to T.I.M.E. under Interscope), as well as devloping new talent. We’d love to work with these cats!

    DJ GoldNKiD

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