Delayed: Young Money Beat Submission Winner


Thank you to everybody who submitted tracks for the Young Money beat submission.

Over 250 beats were submitted, and amongst them were some certified bangers!

The winner was supposed to be announced yesterday, however due to Young Money’s busy schedule with the tour, the winner announcement will be delayed. 250 beats is more than we expected and quite a lot to go through while touring the country.

I don’t want to offer any set dates as to when the winner will be announced, in case that deadline can’t be met; however I’ll try to arrange it with them to go through all the submissions & choose the winner as soon as possible.

Thanks again and best of luck to everybody who entered!

4 thoughts on “Delayed: Young Money Beat Submission Winner

  1. The Suit

    Hey I know the contest is over, but is there anywhere I can submit beats to Young Money or Cash Money? I got beats to cover all the artists from Jay Sean to Lil Wayne and I was really hoping to get a chance to show them

    The Suit

  2. $$$$Money Bagz$$$$

    we love young money and we got the best raps and we hope that we could make it with the best rappers alive and i love nicki manij thank you lil wayne and drake and baby and slim and nicki and tyga and bow wow and gudda gudda and shanell and lil twist and the lil g lil chuckee and soon to be me and my sister its young mulah baby o and llyode fact on deck yah dig!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

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