Diddy Reminds You To Lock In!

In one of Diddy’s late night Twitter/YouTube posts, he reminds everyone what it takes to accomplish your goals – lock into your dreams!

4 thoughts on “Diddy Reminds You To Lock In!

  1. Richard

    Thanks for this video and reminding us to all stay “locked in”. I appreciate your blog and all you do to help educate others. I don’t comment often, but I check your site everyday (wish you’d post more though :-) ). Doing a good job.

  2. NYC Girl

    Diddy is dumb ass! seriosuly Im not gonna walk around town talking about “lock in”. Lock in, lock in..WTF. All hes doing is coming up with phrases/terms and trying to get people hip to it so he can brand it and then slap it on some tshirts and then profit off of it!!!! If i aint gaining from it Im not walk around My city talking about “Lock In”..pu-lease. Yeah the meaning behind is positive but thats how he tries to make it dope when really its gay!!!! Diddy your a joke with this lock in and bitch assness!! really , quit already!!! your embarrassing yourself!!!

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