Gone For A Week


I’m heading down to Atlanta this morning, so I won’t be posting anything here for a week.

I’ll try to snag some pics and video, but I’m generally not the type to stop what I’m doing to take a pic/video, so no promises on that.

If you’ll be in town for the Core DJs Retreat or any other reason, make sure to hit me up and let me know.

In the meantime, I’ll still be updating my Twitter account, so you can add me there to stay updated/connected.

Peace! (until next week)

1 thought on “Gone For A Week

  1. Nick

    Hey man cool site.this is nick 4rm 3 yung bruvas we met yesterday at the core panel. i didn’t get your info but we want to get in touch with you again this weekend. i sent you my phone# on your contact pge call me if u get a chance. this is nick 4rm 3 yung bruvas. thank u 4 ur time

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