New Design

I just wanted to drop a quick post to give a major shoutout and thank you to the homie Zilla a.k.a Mr. I Built Tha Innanets, for helping me make some changes to the site that I’ve been struggling with for the past 3 weeks.

As you can see, the site has a whole new look to it. It’s not stopping here though, as I plan to make a¬†few more changes in the layout and design, as well as the content. (I haven’t finished tweaking all the colours & etc, so it won’t remain as dark as it is now)

I think this site will always be in some constant state of development though. I like changing things up and keeping it fresh, so this is my outlet for that.

Also, I want to say thank you to everybody on Twitter who offered their help when I mentioned that I needed some help with the site; namely @mizrik, @webpres, @robo3k & @littleavenue. You guys rock and I really appreciate all your help!

Btw, what do you guys think of the new Twitter section on the top right of the page? I did it myself, so I’m proud of it lol. (Roll over it with your mouse)

Let me know what you think; I’m interested in hearing your comments.

6 thoughts on “New Design

  1. MsJammie

    Congrats on the New Design… Classy! I like the simplicity and small amount of distractions..I can come and get my Daily bread Smoothly. Keep Doing what U Do!!

  2. steph

    great redesign can’t wait to see the other changes you make. I still wish youd update more though lol

  3. Staci J. Shelton

    BEAUTIFUL!! As you know ;-), I’m partial to grey…it’s just striking. Nice job, Moe! It’s a clean, simple, easy-to-find-everything-you-need Design… Just one more reason why you make such a great impact! Great job!

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