The Man Behind 50 Cent's Social Media Empire


Love him or hate him, ever since 50 Cent first launched his media channel,,  nearly every other artist ran to launch their own Ning site in hopes of copying his success.

While others are frantically trying to emulate, the man behind the site and its success, Chris “Broadway” Romero, is continuing to move on and break new grounds.

Broadway was recently interviewed by TechZulu, where he offered some insight into the success and motivation of

Watch the video below:

[via TechZulu]

39 thoughts on “The Man Behind 50 Cent's Social Media Empire

  1. Casey

    I love the line he said at the end. Good interview! You should do a full feature of him on your site too. I’d love to see that

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  10. E. Brock A.K.A. I Love Tahiry's Ass

    *sips coffee*

    This cup of coffee isn’t working. Looking at those pillows is making me mad sleepy.

    Shay? …Is it ok that I call you Shay? Ok, well, actually, it doesn’t matter, your name is no longer Shay.

    It is now TF.

    I’m quite sure you can figure out what that means, and when you do, that’s what we’ll do. Immediately.

    And repeatedly.

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  11. sherm

    she looks so nurturing…like she’d just put your head between those giant chest-pillows and rock you to sleep…mmmmm…mom-ma

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  12. 500K Flea

    Mmm…a very astute observation by Sherm: This tigress has a robust torso which indicates her eminence as a supreme matriarch, the plentifulness of her bosom is meant to nurture her cubs or mate.

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  13. 500K Flea

    @ Bigga Stinson: I’d say she has about 2 litres per titty, no homo(genized)!!! LOL.

    @ Sherm: Flea’ve Irwin??? Classic, Ha Ha!! I shall add that to my moniker.

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  15. Cheavor

    I liked the interview that 50’s tech guy did. He made some good points: “Do Your Own Thing”. I make it a point to tell my clients that it’s important that anything we do, it be Professional, and never to do things just because others are doing it.
    Personally i don’t use Ning cause it’s very limited for the many things i got in store, but i guess it works for others.

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