What Was Missing From The BET Awards

The BET Awards just wrapped up and everybody has an opinion on it.


Whether you loved it or hated it though (there’s FAR too much blatant negativity, without real basis, online), I will say that I give respect to any staff that has 3 days to scramble and re-arrange an event that took them months to set up.

Was it the best show they’ve ever done?


Was it the worst show they’ve ever done?


It was a decent production – especially given the fact that they had to reformat the entire scheduling in such a short timeframe. (After speaking to several people who were in attendance, apparently, the live show was actually incredible.)

I think the main reason why most people were hating on the BET Awards this year, is because after the tragic news of Michael Jackson‘s passing, the awards were hyped as a “Michael Jackson Tribute Show” – which changed everyone’s expectations.

If it weren’t hyped as a “Michael Jackson Tribute Show”, then it probably wouldn’t have received such harsh criticism. (Janet’s appearance was major though. And definitely very brave on her part.)

With that said, one of the rumors about the “tribute show” was that Chris Brown was scheduled to perform as part of the tribute.

People were skeptical, due to the obvious legal issues he’s been having, however there’s no denying that he would have put on an INCREDIBLE show.

He’s a great singer and an incredible dancer. That’s what people really wanted to see!

Chris Brown didn’t end up performing though. Apparently, he was pulled due to some circumstances that I’m sure will be uncovered over the next few days.

But heyyyy… this is the internet. We can always add things on here!

So anyways, here are 2 clips of what I (and pretty much everybody else) was hoping to see when thinking about a “tribute”:

*Sidenote: Anybody see my tweet show up on TV during the BET wrapup? lol.

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  9. vanessa

    the show was okay i expected more being that it was a micheal jackson tribute show. the performances showed little to no respect to the passing of micheal jackson the explict language was unbearable. the producers should have made sure that the show was respectful during this time of mourning. i dont think the show gave justice to micheal jackson. and another point i would like to make is that micheal wasnt recieving all this love until now. before his death he didnt matter. this is what confused me all this stars are coming out saying how they loved him and were inspired by his music. why werent they showing all this affection and honor when he was alive why wait when he dies when he can never hear it.

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  11. veena

    the show sucked! lol. i really like these chris brown performances it would have been so AWESOME if they let him perform something like this. that would be a good tribute.

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