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BooneOakley's Innovative "Website"

With new websites popping up everyday, it’s rare to be truly impressed with a website concept these days (for me anyways).

This next one managed to really impress me though.

Rather than launching a typical website, ad agency BooneOakley decided to launch a “website” in the form of annotated YouTube videos.

Below is their “home page” with annotated links to the other videos that comprise their entire site.

Click the buttons in the video to go to their other “pages”.

Artists should take a hint from this. Even if you don’t do a series of YouTube videos to comprise your website; think past the given functionality of tools and find innovative new methods of using them to benefit your own needs.

You can break new ground while saving your valuable (sometimes non-existent) budget.

I’m getting some ideas now. Gotta go jot them down while they’re still fresh.

Inside Drake’s Record Deal

Lil Wayne & Drake

Continuing yesterday’s conversation about the value of record deals, here’s a great article by Chris Lee on the L.A Times Music Blog about the mechanics of Drake‘s deal.

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What’s A Record Deal Worth?

record deal contract

When it comes to the whole debate about the value of record deals and Indie vs Major – everybody has an opinion. I can rant and rave about where I stand on this topic, but I think founder, Chuck Creekmur has discussed it in more eloquent manner than what I would have ranted.

I may still discuss it in the future; because it’s a topic that has many sides to it, but also because it’s a topic that most aspiring artists need more insight on.

Briefly, let me just say, artists need to stop focusing so much on “getting a deal” and focus that energy on “achieving a goal”. One does not always equal the other.

Anyhow, here’s Chuck’s great writeup:

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New Design… Again.

Yeah, I changed the design & layout of the blog… again.

Ah well.

Having a personal blog is more than just my outlet for whatever I post – it also helps me satisfy my need for constant change. Hence, the almost monthly redesign.

Anyways, any thoughts on the new look?


There have been a few things going on recently that got me thinking some things over.

So, I decided to do what any self-reflecting person would do in today’s world – I vented via a TwitterRant.

Rather than re-typing it or paraphrasing, I figure I’ll just post a screenshot of it and share it with the 5 of you who aren’t on Twitter. (Remember to start at the bottom and move up)


Freestyle Blogging: Part 2


One of my goals ever since I launched this blog was to keep it updated often.

Obviously, I still have some ways to go with that, as I find ways of implementing it into my regular schedule along with my workload.

But luckily, today’s an office day for me (no running around – not planned, anyway), so I decided to bring back a segment I did last year called Freestyle Blogging.

Here’s how it works:

– You can ask me any question you want: personal, career, silly, whatever – just ask me
– You can ask as many questions as you want, but please format them for brief responses. I can’t sit here writing novels all day lol
– Please ask all questions in the comments below, instead of on Twitter/Facebook
– Remember to keep it clean and stay respectful

There are only a few topics that I won’t discuss or go into much detail, but I will address everything.

Also, I just got Facebook Connect implemented onto the site, so feel free to click the “Connect with Facebook” button below and leave your question/comment using that. (It’s a very recent addition to the site, so if you experience any problems with it, please let me know in my contact box).

You can ask me any question you want and I will answer you to my best ability.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will do my best to answer you with whatever knowledge I do have.

I’m keeping this open until 8pm EST today, so let’s get this thing started…

Using Social Media Networking To Market Your Brand

Using Social Media Networking To Market Your Brand

My friend, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, Staci J Shelton held a seminar at the BizCamp 2009 conference in Akron, Ohio titled “Using Social Media To Market Your Brand”.

The video of her seminar has finally surfaced on the net, and I’d like to share it with you guys.

It’s about an hour, so make sure to keep your notepad open and take notes!

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Thank You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

A lot of people asked me why I didn’t write a post about Michael Jackson‘s passing, knowing how big of a fan(atic) I have always been.

The truth is, I did write one – actually, I wrote five.

I just haven’t posted any of them, because there’s no way for me to make a complete and concise post about the influence Michael Jackson has had on my life. The posts kept rambling on and jumping around to different stories and memories.

Over the past week and a half, every media outlet has been covering his passing. I don’t want to reiterate any of it, nor do I want to post one of the rambling posts I have in my drafts section; detailing tons of memories.

Instead, I just want to share one thought:

Some people may think of this as “just another celebrity death”; however, I grew up idolizing the man (as did millions of others).

My earliest memories in life involve idolizing him. Think about that for a minute – the earliest memories I have in life, involve me idolizing Michael Jackson.

And it never changed til this very day.

There was a massive poster of Michael above my crib as a baby. I would watch him on TV and attempt to dance like him before I could even walk.

My mother used to tell me I would kick extra hard when she was pregnant with me, as if I was dancing, everytime a Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 song was playing.

It’s one thing to lose someone you admire, but it’s another to lose someone you have idolized for as long as you have been alive.

As he lays to rest today, I just want to say “Thanks Michael”. Not only for the major influence you have had on me and the rest of the world – but because as you struggled to regain your lost childhood, you ended up providing me and millions of others with our own.

Thank you Michael Jackson.

May you rest in peace.

*I'm the small one the right.

*I'm the small one on the right.