Freestyle Blogging: Part 2


One of my goals ever since I launched this blog was to keep it updated often.

Obviously, I still have some ways to go with that, as I find ways of implementing it into my regular schedule along with my workload.

But luckily, today’s an office day for me (no running around – not planned, anyway), so I decided to bring back a segment I did last year called Freestyle Blogging.

Here’s how it works:

– You can ask me any question you want: personal, career, silly, whatever – just ask me
– You can ask as many questions as you want, but please format them for brief responses. I can’t sit here writing novels all day lol
– Please ask all questions in the comments below, instead of on Twitter/Facebook
– Remember to keep it clean and stay respectful

There are only a few topics that I won’t discuss or go into much detail, but I will address everything.

Also, I just got Facebook Connect implemented onto the site, so feel free to click the “Connect with Facebook” button below and leave your question/comment using that. (It’s a very recent addition to the site, so if you experience any problems with it, please let me know in my contact box).

You can ask me any question you want and I will answer you to my best ability.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will do my best to answer you with whatever knowledge I do have.

I’m keeping this open until 8pm EST today, so let’s get this thing started…

16 thoughts on “Freestyle Blogging: Part 2

    1. Moe Arora

      @Eric – I was always interested in it, and like millions of people, I was fascinated by the idea of being an artist or producer, when I was younger. I figured I would try my hand in production and ended up loving it.

      I decided to go make it full-time and ended up going to school for Music Production & Audio Engineering. That was my real start in the music business. As I was doing that, I became obsessed with the business side of things; who was doing what, how they did it, how I believe it could be done better, etc.

      After a while, I couldn’t ignore it – so I decided to make the transition into the business side of things. Even though it has it’s downsides, I still wouldn’t rather be doing anything else.

    1. Moe Arora

      @Facebook User – Good question. Honestly, if I had to do anything else, it would either have to be something in the non-profit sector, or culinary arts. I’ve always wanted to be a chef.

      *Looks like I need to fix the Facebook Connect settings

      @Muna – *jumps up on Oprah’s couch* MY ONE AND ONLY’S NICKNAME IS “JALEB”! I want everybody to know that I love her and only her! lol

    1. Moe Arora

      @Stacy – I ended up starting this blog as a way of expressing what I was doing, but also because it was something that I have been wanting to see someone else do for a while. Check out this post where I went into a bit of detail about the reason behind it.

      As for which blogs are my favourite – I have a TON! lol. I’m a fan of all the blogs in my links section in the sidebar (which reminds me, I need to update that to add a few of the new favs).

      @jinxy – Thanks for your comment, although you may have missed the beginning of my post when I stated that I was bringing back a segment I did last year –

      I originally did this in April 2008. Even then, I never claimed it to be original – I actually linked to the blog post that inspired me to incorporate this idea into my blog. Read that post and check the links in it for reference.

      Reading is essential. Try it out :)

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  2. jinxy

    ask you anything? way to jump on a bandwagon. so many bloggers and artists are doing the exact same thing on twitter these days telling all their followers to ask them anything. copying everybody else is so wack!

  3. G

    I have a few questions and I’d like see what you have to say.
    Every year there are one or two artists or producers that make a big impact, whether they’ve been around for years or they’re just starting to make a name for themselves. In your opinion, who do you think will have a big impact for the remainder of this year in the Urban game?
    The loss of Michael Jackson will definitely influence many artists, but in what aspect do you see a particular change?
    Do you see a certain artist stepping up because of the loss of Michael?

  4. Moe Arora

    @Dre5000 – I’m currently working with a few newly signed acts, however there is one project in particular that I’m very excited about which we’ll be announcing in about a month.

    I’m excited about all of them, but this one in particular stands out because of the creative freedom I have been given to execute the campaign.

    We also recently launched It’s just a soft-launch for now, so we’re not going all-in as of yet, however we are sending periodic updates of some of our client projects and plan to launch the full service by year’s end.

    @meghan – My first pet (my only pet ever actually) was a goldfish. I bought it when I was about 10 (I think) and didn’t have a fishtank so I ended up using this big round candy jar/jug and decided to name him Jughead lol.

    @dj l – Honestly, I have no idea. He’s a talented cat though so I believe he’s got a bright future ahead of him. I wish him and his team the best of luck.

    @G – Good questions. I think it’s a little difficult to predict who will be the biggest breakout artists for the remainder of the year, however if Jay-Z goes ahead and releases more original material, like he’s announced, then he’s guaranteed one of the top spots, based on his rep alone.

    I also think Drake is going to continue with his current hype for the rest of the year. A lot of people changed their opinions due to the reception of the “Best I Ever Had” video, but that alone will not be a major roadblock, at all. Even if he doesn’t put out any new material of his own, he’s already guaranteed rotation and visibility due to his current collaborations with Mary J Blige & Jamie Foxx, plus his upcoming collaborations, including Jay-Z much-hyped next single.

    Like I said, it’s a little difficult to predict, but those are 2 of my picks, at the moment.

    Regarding what change I see due to Michael Jackson’s loss – I believe some artists will begin to step their game up and work on creating more timeless music and possibly more “genre-less” music, that has wide crossover appeal (not the same “crossover appeal” that most labels try to push right now).

    I also believe certain artists will begin to step up their live performances, dance routines & video direction. However… and this is a big however, I don’t know just how far this change will go. An artist can feel a certain way, but if it’s not what’s currently in the market, the labels will discourage it because they want “safe” releases to ensure their ROI. And with rapidly declining budgets, projects are unlikely to receive the required budgets to “do more”.

    Michael Jackson’s influence has already been such a major impact on the entire musical landscape, I believe most of his influence on current artist has already been seen, however a few may begin stepping it up even more now.

    And regarding, if I see a certain artist stepping up because of Michael’s loss – I think his R&B/Pop “protégés” may be more motivated and get more support from their labels right now, however the one artist who stands out in mind is Chris Brown.

    His return to the spotlight is obviously much debated, however I think due to the public’s mourning of Michael Jackson, I think the general audience may be more welcoming to Chris Brown’s return.

    But let me be clear, I don’t think it’s right for anybody to “take advantage” of a death, however I think the emotional climate will become more forgiving and will allow Chris Brown to resurrect his career.

    @everyone – Thank you for all your questions and for participating in my second segment of Freestyle Blogging! I appreciate it and look forward to the next one.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson

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