Thank You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

A lot of people asked me why I didn’t write a post about Michael Jackson‘s passing, knowing how big of a fan(atic) I have always been.

The truth is, I did write one – actually, I wrote five.

I just haven’t posted any of them, because there’s no way for me to make a complete and concise post about the influence Michael Jackson has had on my life. The posts kept rambling on and jumping around to different stories and memories.

Over the past week and a half, every media outlet has been covering his passing. I don’t want to reiterate any of it, nor do I want to post one of the rambling posts I have in my drafts section; detailing tons of memories.

Instead, I just want to share one thought:

Some people may think of this as “just another celebrity death”; however, I grew up idolizing the man (as did millions of others).

My earliest memories in life involve idolizing him. Think about that for a minute – the earliest memories I have in life, involve me idolizing Michael Jackson.

And it never changed til this very day.

There was a massive poster of Michael above my crib as a baby. I would watch him on TV and attempt to dance like him before I could even walk.

My mother used to tell me I would kick extra hard when she was pregnant with me, as if I was dancing, everytime a Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 song was playing.

It’s one thing to lose someone you admire, but it’s another to lose someone you have idolized for as long as you have been alive.

As he lays to rest today, I just want to say “Thanks Michael”. Not only for the major influence you have had on me and the rest of the world – but because as you struggled to regain your lost childhood, you ended up providing me and millions of others with our own.

Thank you Michael Jackson.

May you rest in peace.

*I'm the small one the right.

*I'm the small one on the right.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Michael Jackson

  1. Facebook User

    Awwwwwwwwwww.what a cute picture!!! It’s true i think he was an idol to all of us.

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  3. Boss Lady

    “…because as you struggled to regain your lost childhood, you ended up providing me and millions of others with our own.”

    Moe – those words pretty much sum everything up.

    Great post, and long live the King of Pop.

    ~Boss Lady

  4. Casey

    I agree with Boss Lady. That sentence is the best way to explain it. Thanks for that (and cuteeeee picture).

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