3 New Artists You Need To Know

As you know, I don’t really post music on here really. It just confuses the message of my site and people start confusing this is a promotional outlet rather than a personal weblog for sharing information.

Today’s an exception though, so I’m going to post some new music. (Please read this before asking me for features)

This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with quite a few talented artists, so I decided to take the time today to showcase 3 of those acts with recent and/or upcoming projects:


Donnis is an incredibly talented artist with more promise than almost anyone else I’ve heard in recent years.

His flow, his style, his entire vibe – it’s all exciting!

If you haven’t already downloaded his new project from one of the several sites that featured it, make sure to download Diary Of An ATL Brave now.


Bonus: I couldn’t possibly finish this post without including my favorite Donnis track, Party Works:

Donnis’s official website – http://donnismusic.com



Consisting of 3 members: Stacy-Ann, Stevie English & Blewz; American Yard have been busy at work on their debut album on Konvict Muzik.

Already gaining some international attention, American Yard will soon be releasing the video for their first single, No You Didn’t. (Download here)

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the video:

American Yard website – http://www.myspace.com/americanyard


9 thoughts on “3 New Artists You Need To Know

  1. Sam

    Donnis is the truth! He’s coming up! The Americen Yard song sounds okay but the chorus is too simple. Alese sound familiar but it’s hot.

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  3. shay

    i love donis! american yard sound like konvikt made a good choice they sound hot. the aliese song is so good and she’s soo pretty! i love it all! good ear!

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