Steve Stoute Discusses Alternative Routes Of Generating Revenue In The Music Business

CEO of Translation Steve Stoute

Steve Stoute is someone I’ve long admired and respected for his business savvy. Actually, one thing a lot of people don’t know, is that while I am influenced by many business leaders, it was actually his movements that motivated me to start my own business.

When Steve Stoute started Translation in 2004, I found any piece of news I could find about the company, its vision and its work. I was tired of seeing the limited creative input at label jobs and the limited growth potential up here in Canada. I wanted to do something different and something more.

My business plan and vision for a company was influenced by many different business’ & leaders, however the example provided by Steve Stoute & Translation LLC, help me specify my niche and the extra push to just go for it.

The idea of making money by partnering with corporations outside of the entertainment industry wasn’t new to me, but I was finally at a stage of understanding in my new career to think about it with a more focused and refined mentality – and Translation was making waves. I was paying close attention.

As with any business, the vision grew and a few things changed around, but thankfully, it’s still going strong and its primary objective is still to think differently and create new ways of doing business.

Anyhow, enough with that. Check out this video of Steve discussing an example of alternative routes of generating revenue in the music business:

[via Aura & Roc4Life]

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  7. Ernest Richards, JD

    Steve is a great American, a headliner not a sideliner and I will love to associate with him to raise a private equity fund to invest in minority businesses.

  8. Harry Haynes

    Hello Steve,
    First I want to congratulate you on your success not only as a black man but as a native New Yorker. A little about me, As a former Fashion Designer on 7th ave. NYC for 25 yrs. I received my calling to serve our community by opening the 1st & largest Urban base indoor family amusement park in the USA located in Brooklyn. (Coney Island in doors). 41k sq. ft. My story is 10 yrs long from fighting City Hall & Venture Capital to risking what little my family has to mak ithis groundbreaking dream happen . But I’ve made history and others need to here it. Black people are not in the world of Disney as owners but I’ve open the doors and have the formula to expand in other Uband cities across the country & around the world where children & families can play in a safe & controlled environment, just like other in the Suburbs ?. Can you help me.Can you take Madd Fun to create the first Black Walt Disney ?
    We are so inspired the way you have taken Carol’s Daughter to another level.
    God bless You cell: 646-342-0196

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