Who Do You Want To See Featured On MakingTheMogul.com?

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Okay, so I’m working on 2 new series for the upcoming weeks (the very first being Producers Week, back in March).

The first one is coming in about 2 weeks and will discuss some of the companies and websites that are leading “Music 2.0” (I really don’t like that term, but it’s the quickest way of expressing what the next series is about).

If you guys have any questions that you’d like answered involving selling music online, generating awareness online, etc – just post your question in the comments section below and I’ll pose them to the panel of interviewees.

Also, I want to know who you guys would like to see featured on makingthemogul.com. I’ve already featured some great people, and have a few others lined up, but I want to know who YOU want to see featured. It could be a specific person, or it could be a specific position – whatever the case, just let me know.

My blog is about information, ideas and discussion. Everybody has an opinion about the music business, but there aren’t really many outlets to actually DISCUSS these opinions and for the next generation of business professionals to hear from others; so I’m hoping you guys treat this like your own blog in certain ways.

We won’t learn much by staying idle and quiet – so tell me what you want to see, and what you want to discuss.

*Note: I know everybody wants to get their shine on, but if you’re going to suggest yourself or somebody on your team, etc – please state why and what area you or your friend can offer REAL insight. I don’t do advertorials – I just want to share information and help us all learn something.

31 thoughts on “Who Do You Want To See Featured On MakingTheMogul.com?

  1. Martina

    Hey Moe,

    TOFLO MEDIA Group would be a great feature and their Canadian (EH!)

    Check out some of their recent campaigns at: TOFLO.COM/TV

    “Leading edge technology with exclusive content”

  2. Jason Williams

    I Think “40” (Drakes Producer) Would Be Great For An Interview. I Havent Heard Anything From Him About His Production, And As Far As How They Were Creating Drakes Sound, Etc.

  3. Ant

    not to be “that guy” but i wouldn’t mind an interview. obviously i’d have to start doing things worth getting interviewed about but i’m working on that now.

  4. rich

    I think you should interview some popular bloggers to talk about how they got there and what it takes.

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  7. Lisa

    Sorry I posted that too early. I’d like to see you interview some artists and talk to them about the problems they face in the new music business and how they work around them.

  8. Chauncy

    Hey Moe. Can you interview Coach K or Combat Jack? You do interviews different than other sites, I think one of those 2 would be really good.

  9. Chuck

    Lol @ all these people trying to promote themselves. I agree with 2 of the other commenters about interviewing Steve Stoute. I think that would be really major.

  10. Daniel Danny Dee Aguayo

    In my opinion djs are almost irrelevent (not all of course)

    Id love to read about the new DJ/tastemakers aka the hiphop blogger. Namely Eskay from Nah Right, BRoadway from Thisis50 & Q from World Star.

    keep up the great work Moe!

    all the best,

  11. KEI

    I think I’d like to see an interview of TJ Chapman, from TJsDJs, B Rich (B.o.B.’s manager) or maybe Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and Nicki Minaj’s manager. Being a manger myself, I’d like to know what others are doing to build their artists as a brand, not just a musician.

  12. KEI

    I think I agree with ^Rich also.
    Would love for you to interview the guys that started nahright.com and 2dopeboyz.com

  13. Brandon Williams

    I would have to agree with the people saying Steve Stoute. No one really knows what and how much he is responsible for when it comes to marketing and I think it would be great to give people some insight on how much he has done especially with all of the executive positions he has held.

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  16. Lorna

    I would like and interview that highlights the top managers in the business and what they are doing to promote there artist. Perhaps the owner of one of the artist management firms…

  17. Big Truth

    I second @Jason Williams nomination for 40/40 or Boi1da (Drakes Producers) , but I would take it a step further and reach out to the whole camp. I think it’s fair to say that everybody knows at least ONE person who is trying is to break into the music industry in some shape or form. With that in mind, I believe that “So Far Gone’ and the people behind it are the epitome of what “Music 2.0” is, using the internet to it’s full potential. People like “40” can offer a great perspective on crafting your own sound and what makes a great mixtape. Drake’s brand manager, Oliver, can offer insight on artist branding and networking and promotion. Obviously, there had to be some sort of relationship with websites Nahright or 2dopeboyz who continuously helped create hype and generate buzz for “So Far Gone” long before it’s release. Also, Drake’s general mangers; Gee Robertson and Hip-Hop (who also manage Lil Wayne and Kanye West ), about what types of things to look for in management and deal brokering, making sure the numbers are right and whether or not it is even necessary to sign a record deal in today’s music industry since “So Far Gone’ alone, was able to generate tours, radio play and earn MTV nominations sans the major label marketing bucks. Just a thought…sorry for the long post!

  18. Justin Boland

    Co-sign on TJ Chapman. Also: Kevin Beacham and Brent Sayers from Rhymesayers, Wendy Day, Karim Panni from MYX Music Label, those wacky young kids from Chester French, and Mike Ross from Delicious Vinyl.

    As always – dope site. You’re doing great work here.

  19. Moe Arora

    Thank you for all your suggestions!

    @Martina & @Ro’Shine – I’m definitely familiar with your site; I enjoy what you guys are doing! Can you give me an idea of what you would like to share with the makingthemogul.com readers? I tend to focus more on helping educate aspiring professionals and initiating conversation about industry matters. If you can contact me with an idea of what you’d like to discuss, that would be a major help. Thanks!

    @Jason Williams & @Big Truth – Thanks for the idea. I definitely think doing a feature on Drake’s team would be great! I was planning on talking to Tezz (Bryant Management), but featuring the others would be great as well! I’ll definitely reach out to them and see if we could make this happen.

    @rich & @KEI – Yes! I was planning a Blogger’s Week for October. I may have to bump that up. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @veena, @Young Uno & @Brandon Williams – Great idea! I’d love to feature Steve Stoute. I’m going to try to get in touch with some people to see how we can set that up!

    @dj l, @KEI & @Jason Boland – Great idea! I’m going to reach out to Tony Neal & TJ to set that up. I think they would definitely be able to offer some great insight into breaking records and more.

    @Chauncy – I’m 100% with you on that. I’ll certainly do my best to set that up.

    @Daniel Aguayo – Good looking out Danny! I’m definitely going to have to set that up ASAP. I appreciate your support, as always!

    @B-Light & @Lorna – I definitely intend to feature more managers and A&Rs. I’ll try to set something up soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Combat Jack – Thank you sir, I really appreciate that! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a while now, so that means a lot. As Chauncy mentioned, I would def love to talk with you for the features section. I’ll reach out to you via Twitter to hopefully arrange for that.

    Thanks again for everyone’s suggestions and kind words of support!

  20. Phame

    I think you should do a feature with TJ Chapman from TJ’sDJ’s because he has played an important role in the career of alot of artists in the South. Also, you should write a feature about some of the scams new artists fall victim to because of the internet like SoundClick beats, sites that offer mixing and mastering for $250.00 but end up giving you bullshit, and those e-mail blast packages and radio promo. I know not every company offer the services are bullshit, but maybe you could give some advice on how to filter out some of the bullshit…

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