Why I Decided To Close My Business


The past few weeks have been intense – to say the least.

Amongst a heavier-than-usual workload, slicing my thumb like it’s deli meat, and several personal engagements; I also came to a serious decision and milestone in my career. After 4 years of pouring my blood, sweat and tears into my own business, I’ve decided to close shop.

It was not an easy decision, by any means, however it was a decision that was desperately needed.

When I announced my decision via Twitter and Facebook, many people misunderstood and mistakenly assumed I was giving up on my career and walking away from the music business.

Heeeelllllllll no.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

The fact is, running a small business with a full-time (and part-time) staff meant that I had to make decisions that were beneficial to the company as a whole – rather than just my own priorities. This was a reality that I understood, embraced and gladly obliged to from the very beginning. However, as time passed, I began to feel frustrated with the direction it was taking and the lack of freedom I had. I was no longer focused on my own goals and had lost much of the passion I began this venture with.

Starting (and running) your own business is supposed to be about fulfilling your passion and making a living out of it – and yet, I felt like I was stuck in a job that I didn’t even enjoy. Luckily, I’m a (relatively) young guy – I can still afford to switch up gears without hitting too major of a bump.

For the past few months, I’ve been evaluating and re-evaluating everything that I have been doing and everything that I wanted to be doing. Some of you may even remember one of my TwitterRants, when I publicly vented about this very situation.

To make a very long story short, after a lot of reflecting, I realized I was actually contributing to building my own obstacle. The bigger I grew my business, the bigger of an obstacle I would have to overcome in order to fulfill my own goals.

That’s why I closed the business. I needed to stop holding myself back. I needed to give myself the freedom to pursue my own goals.

Sometimes we get so caught up, we fail to realize that we’re actually moving backwards while mistakenly assuming that we’re moving ahead.

That’s pretty much the gist of it. I didn’t give up and I didn’t walk away. Those who know me personally would never assume so, because it’s simply not in my character to give up – ever.

I’m simply remixing my current situation to ensure my longevity and success.

With a great deal of relief and excitement, I can say that I am no longer for hire.

I may decide to continue doing consultation work in the future, however my primary focus right now remains on my own ventures and my own priorities, and I will continue to do so under the Rockstar Branded name.

I am eternally thankful to everyone I have had the opportunity of working with over the past 4 years; the staff at MEG/Rockstar Branded, our clients, vendors and affiliates, and everyone else who I have had the pleasure of encountering over these past few years. I look forward to working with some of you again in the future and wish everyone all the best.

“Quitting while you’re ahead, isn’t the same as quitting.”

Regarding what’s next for me, I’d rather not spill the beans yet, however, stay tuned to my blog and we shall continue on this journey – together.

Hope you’re ready for the next episode…

*UPDATE:* It seems like quite a few people are still misunderstanding the situation. Let me clarify once again; I am NOT quitting the music business. I have simply decided to work independently now rather than keeping a full-time staff, and am focusing on my own ventures (STILL in music), rather than making myself available for hire to work label priorities. That’s the change I’m making. There is a major difference between simply closing down a company and walking away from the music biz entirely. So once again, I am not going into another field; I am simply closing my consulting company and putting my attention on my own projects (again, STILL in the music business). I hope my excessive repetition has cleared up any and all confusion. Thanks again.

33 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Close My Business

  1. Celeste Tegan

    Congratulations moe! I know you and you have more drive than anybody I've ever met. Just make sure whatever you do next, you still find a way to make some time for yourself. You deserve it.

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  3. @2Serenity

    I respect your decision because you have to do what is right for you to progress. I understand more than you know! :) I'm proud you made this decision without trying to accommodate others. You don't need that! Be selfish for a change! :)

    1. moearora

      Thanks so much Jenn! That's exactly what it was; I really needed to focus on my goals and just break free from the restraints I found myself in.

  4. Rick Moss

    Congrats on the decision Moe. I'm sure going solo will offer you the freedom to achieve your goals without the restrictions of worrying about what's best for "the company". You're always on your game so you have my full support!

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  6. Dan Broome

    Good for you Moe! Life is too short pursue that which makes you unhappy. You are absolutely right – alot of the time we are too close to something to recognize that the thing we think is our life and salvation is actually is actually a rope and stone around our necks. Good luck on pursuing you own stuff, looking forward to hearing about it.



    1. moearora

      Thanks Dan! I still remember when I was at a crossroads between staying at Universal or moving to NYC and you offered me some great insight and guidance. To this day, I still keep your advice close to heart.

      I definitely owe you a drink the next time I'm in Toronto!

  7. Candice Nicole

    i know we already talked about this moe, but CONGRATS again. i am so happy for you and your new chapter. this really is the season for change and many kudos go to you for steping out on faith and making it happen. you know this lady in the DMV always has your back! hope to see ya in ATL! xoxo


  8. D.Little

    It's good to see you doing YOU and putting YOU first Moe. Hopefully this move will have an impact on many of people that you have been involved in business with. It expresses signs of true leadership. There is no doubt in my mind that God will bless you even MORE for this move. Doing what's truly right for you and your ultimate happiness is so much more respectable than faking it for these peckawoods!

    God Bless you my friend and if you need anything at all I'll be around, even if it is via the internet!

  9. Elias Marangakis

    Bro, anything you do, you are going to succeed in. I honestly don't know a single person that has more drive or a stronger work ethic than you. Not one.

    I agree with you completely when you wrote than most people get so caught up that they don't realize they're moving backwards when they think they're moving forward. That's one of the biggest challenges with entrepreneurship and I commend you for recognizing it and correcting it.

    I raise my glass and toast you, Moe. Here's to a brighter future!

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  13. moearora

    Thank you for the overwhelming words of support! I appreciate each one of you and can only soar to the highest levels with such an incredible group of positive people!

  14. Theo Martins

    Like i told you before Moe, I see you progressing and I support your endeavors, I dont doubt the successes to follow.

    Theo Martins

  15. Charles

    Very wise decision, and well written. Most people fail to realize their stagnant position, or if recognized, they fail to acknowledge it in fear of public perception. This ultimately holds them back from accomplishing their goal of success. Kudos to you for making the decision you felt best for your success.

  16. Damon wtih HDU

    Great revelation! When its all said and done you want to be able to love the life you are living, not the life you think you want to be living, or think you are working towards living. The simpler the better. Family, friends, and passions. That's all there is time for.

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