Israeli Group Hovevey Zion Makes Chatroulette Music Video

With the rising trend of actually featuring social media tools in content itself, (rather than just using them to spam links to everyone & their mother), IsraeliĀ group, Hovevey Zion, turned to Chatroulette to promote their single, “Tagidi Ma”:

This is a great display of creating appealing & highly viral marketing without a major budget. All you need is a little creativity.

You can download @HoveveyZion’s “Tagidi Ma” on their website, and can connect with them on Facebook & Twitter.

So… what have you done to promote your music today?

13 thoughts on “Israeli Group Hovevey Zion Makes Chatroulette Music Video

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  9. Erin

    Wow! Very well done video. I love their ingenuity & am glad to see international bands getting attention for their creativity. Catchy song too!

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