About Mohit Arora

Update: This blog is no longer being updated as of 2010. You can find me at MohitArora.ca + Instagram

I was always told that the loudest person in the room was the weakest, and those who make the most moves are the ones who remain quiet & focused. That idea stuck in my mind, and so that’s how I conduct myself to this very day. Because of this, this bio page is not going to read like the typical resume template you’re used to seeing.

I don’t really have a crazy story about how I got into the music industry. I just found something I loved, and went for it. Simple as that.

Truth is, I’m more like an outsider who just crashed the party. Luckily, I work harder than most people, and went out of my way to connect with the right people. That’s pretty much how I got into the industry.

As for this blog, I started Making The Mogul as a way of sharing random insights and engaging in conversation with others in the business side of the music business. The only content you typically find online is from people who are already well-established, but I believe there needs to be more space for those on the come-up. A space to discuss ideas, share resources, and make it more acceptable to share struggles. That’s what Making The Mogul is about.

I write like I speak. It’s not really a strategy as opposed to it being a way to maintain the same energy online as exists in person. I don’t change my language for SEO, and I have zero intention of code switching to satisfy a different audience.

I love connecting with people. I host Tweetups in different cities when touring and travelling so that we can all grow our networks and help each other create new opportunities. So please feel free to connect with me on Twitter and whenever you see me tweet about a Tweetup in your city, I hope to see you there. From URL to IRL. That’s my motto.

I hope to connect with you soon.

— Mohit Arora
January 2009

Kind words from decent folks:

“Whatever it is, Mohit gets it done. He’s always 10 steps ahead of everyone.” — Bu Thiam, VP of A&R, Def Jam, Co-CEO of Konvict Muzik, CEO of BuVision
“The interview I did with Making The Mogul was the best interview I’ve ever done. Mohit really understands the music business and has some serious insights. It wasn’t as much of an interview as it was a conversation with a peer.”Jeremy Harding, Producer & CEO of 2Hard Records, Manager & Producer of Sean Paul
“Mohit keeps his word. Bottom-line. That means a lot! Very honest with his intentions, and makes sure you are looked after, no matter what. Honesty, integrity, and professionalism, at its best.”Bao Pham, Record Producer
“Mohit is a brilliant brand marketer.”Steve Pageot, Grammy Award Winning Producer & Engineer