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Who's Your A&R?

Who's Your A&R?

"Who's Your A&R? A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar?" - GZA

In the video below, producer, Isaac “Ike Dirty” Hayes III, discusses the current state of A&Rs and the need for record labels to recruit A&Rs with a musical background.

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Dreams Can Come True

Martin Luther King Jr. & Barack Obama - Dreams Can Come True

"The greatest achievements were at first and for a time dreams." - James Allen

Last night was a truly historic evening.

Most of us were overcome with so much emotion, it was and still is difficult to express our sentiments with words.

I recently discussed what Barack Obama represents for many of us; that he provides proof of the idea that we can do anything.

Although my post was quite brief, it inspired some great conversations with some friends, so I thought I’d delve a little further into the topic.

This has nothing to do with politics.

This is about having dreams, keeping faith and accomplishing goals.

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