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5 Tips to Handling Your Business with Sol Guy

1. Find Your Passion

2. Do Your Homework. Know Your History. Understand Your Field.

3. Keep Your Word

4. Find Yourself A Mentor

5. Make Sure You Deliver

Sounds simple enough? Check out the video.

[flv:http://www.mobilejamfest.com/files/content_types/school_tutorials/flashvideo/4209_Handle_your_Business_Tutorial.flv 450 337]

Sol Guy

Artist/Television Producer

Sol Guy has been an influential contributor to the rise of Urban Music over the last 11 years. His combined experience of running an independent label, artist management, producing, consulting, and full-time employment at major record labels has provided him with a well-rounded view of the music industry.

Guy has worked closely with some of the highest profile black music artists of our time including Lauryn Hill, P Diddy, India Arie, The Roots, Outkast, Dead Prez, B.I.G. and The Wu-Tang Clan.

His life took a fateful turn in 2001 when he was invited to Sierra Leone, West Africa by Warchild Canada as a featured guest in the award-winning documentary Musicians In The War Zone. Guy witnessed the tragedy of war first-hand and saw potential for artists to raise awareness on global social issues. This was a life-changing experience that propelled him out of the music industry and onto a mission to bridge the gap between social activism and entertainment.

Guy is now focusing all of his experience and expertise on new areas of mass media. His mission is to use music, film, television and hip hop culture as a vehicle for change, promoting self-love and empowerment for global youth. He has recently formed a multimedia company called Direct Current Media that combines socially relevant and commercially viable content to achieve success in progressive social change and economic empowerment for those involved.

Guy has a long-standing history of community service and youth empowerment. He has brought his message to schools, jails and communities around the world. Over the past two years he has traveled extensively, connecting with youth leaders around the world to find ways to connect their work and be a conduit for change.

One of his projects is managing hip hop artist K’naan. A Somali refugee, K’Naan creates urgent “music with a message” and shares Guy’s vision of using his fame to help change the situation in his home country. Pulling from his poet-warrior culture, K’naan has flourished as an artist and is now known around the world.

Guy’s vision has been captured on film and television with the creation of 4REAL television series. 4REAL takes celebrity guests on adventures around the world to connect with young people who, under extreme circumstances, are affecting REAL change. These are the REAL heroes of our time. The show inspires audiences to see their own potential and their ability to affect real change in their own communities.

[Source: Mobile Jam Fest]