Changing Course

by moe on April 17, 2011

Photo taken by Moe Arora with Instagram

Well, hello there. It’s been a while.

My site has been offline for months, and it’s been exactly 1 year since my last post. After some issues, and delays, I finally was able to repair the blog database, to bring this site back online. And now… I’m going to leave it alone.

I will no longer update I will, however, keep the site online for archival purposes. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey thus far. I appreciate you.

From now on, you can find me at, and pretty much any social networking site. I keep an updated list of my social media links on the right sidebar.



With the rising trend of actually featuring social media tools in content itself, (rather than just using them to spam links to everyone & their mother), Israeli group, Hovevey Zion, turned to Chatroulette to promote their single, “Tagidi Ma”:

This is a great display of creating appealing & highly viral marketing without a major budget. All you need is a little creativity.

You can download @HoveveyZion’s “Tagidi Ma” on their website, and can connect with them on Facebook & Twitter.

So… what have you done to promote your music today?

Talking With Rock City

by moe on April 12, 2010

Rock City

Calling brothers, Theron & Timothy (aka Rock City), just rappers or singers, would be to barely scratch the surface.

They are artists – in every sense of the word.

I spoke with Theron aka Da Spokesman about Rock City’s entry into the music business, writing for the biggest artists on the planet, and of course, their movement – PTFAO.

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Co-Sign: Duke Terrell

by moe on March 16, 2010

Duke Terrell - Splash

R&B fans, allow me to introduce you to Duke Terrell.

Formerly a member of JPat Records group, Kwiet Storm, the 19 year old singer, songwriter & dancer has decided to embark on a solo career. Equipped with a perfect combination of charisma, wit, and fresh lyrical content, Duke Terrell is ready to take his exhilarating style and sound to the top of the charts.

His first single, “Splash” is just a taste of what’s to come with his upcoming EP, All Or Nothing.

Listen & download “Splash” below:

Download "Splash" by Duke Terrell

Make sure to add @DukeTerrell on Twitter and MySpace.

My Favorite New Music Tool: ExtensionFM

by moe on February 26, 2010


I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m somewhat of a online junkie  – okay fine, a major online junkie.

I’m always discovering & messing with every new website and tool that pops up. Most end up getting pushed to the side, never to be used again – but every so often, I come across one that makes me wonder what I did before it.

ExtensionFM is a new tool I simply can’t live without.

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Talking With Music Producer Jeremy Harding

by moe on February 9, 2010

Dancehall Producer & Manager, Jeremy Harding

Whether working with Beenie Man on the club favourite, “Who Am I (Sim Simma)”,  Tanto Metro & Devonte on “Give It To Her”, or helping dancehall music break into the mainstream with his own artist, Sean Paul – music producer & manager, Jeremy Harding has been influencing pop culture for years.

I had the incredible opportunity to speak with him about production, getting into management and the overall music business.

Read the interview below, where he offers a wealth of knowledge and insight:

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Co-Sign: The Fire And Reason

by moe on January 28, 2010

As you guys already know, I usually don’t post music on here. When I do, it’s a rare occasion meant to show my support of an artist that’s doing something different.

That said, I’m definitely a supporter of electro-rock duo, The Fire And Reason!

The Fire And Reason

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I Think I Suffer From Rick Rubinism

by moe on January 27, 2010

Rick Rubinism:
A hip-hop head who tends to stray away from most (but not all) current hip-hop, in fear of stagnation.

Never question the knowledge of someone afflicted with Rick Rubinism, though. Crooked caps don’t represent knowledge.

This Video = My Life Story

by moe on January 22, 2010



[spotted via Broke Mogul]

N Building in Tachikawa, Japan

With all the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years, if there’s ever been a sign that said “welcome to the future”, it’s the N Building.

This commercial building in Tachikawa, Japan, has a QR code designed on the outside panels allowing cell phone users to take a picture of the 2D barcode (similar to Blackberry Messenger & other apps) and be directed to the building’s website.

Furthermore, users with an additional app installed on their device (only available on iPhone right now), can aim their camera towards the building and be greeted with an augmented reality layer over the building, showing a more interactive display of the the building’s stores, their sales/promotions, and even showing tweets from within the building.

If you’re confused – or amazed – just watch the video below.

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